Dad Blogger Round-up: What the dads are talking about

Hi BritMums crowd, how are you all, has the year started off well for you?

This is my first Round-up of 2018 and I’ve been having a read-about to see what all the Dad Bloggers are talking about. It turns out, quite an array of topics. 

I’ve picked out a good few that I enjoyed reading and think you will too…


First up is Tom from Diary Of The Dad who has written about letting kids be kids. Something I am massively for and I tell my children as often as possible that they can achieve anything they want to if they put in the work and allow them to daydream, play and explore each and every day. Tom’s post is a great read on Why We Should Let Kids Be Kids

Carl is talking about all of the skills he’s mastered since becoming a Stay-At-Home Dad and how they could be transferred into paid jobs. As lighthearted and funny as this post is, it’s actually very true and employers from all areas I believe should take any ‘parent-based’ skills seriously when parents are looking to return to work after a few years out. Carl is Dadtastic Voyage and the post is Transferrable Skills Of A Stay At Home Dad

Matt from Hip Dad Blog has created a pocket money system to teach his kids money management. Matt’s proposed system is something I actually might adopt myself, I like the thinking behind it, go read for yourself in his post Money, money, money.

Let’s throw some belly laughs in the mix with Benny AKA Daddy Poppins and his post Miss-sold PPI: the ‘Perceived Parenting Ideology‘. Benny talks us through what parents talking to non-parents about parenting are really saying. A must read. 

Kevin, Bringing Home The Baby, literally did as his blog name suggests and has become a Dad! This means his post automatically makes the cut. I read Kevin’s post I Became A Daddy Today! and immediately felt positively emotional and gleamingly happy. Remembering how I felt and knowing how Kevin was feeling in these first moments is a genuine feel-good moment. Congrats Kevin and family, take in EVERY MOMENT and do things exactly how you want to do them 🙂 


There you have it, 5 excellent blog posts for you to get your eye goggles around. Give all of the bloggers mentioned a follow across social media and if you want more from yours truly, you’ll find me EVERYWHERE, mainly Instagram by searching DadvWorld 🙂 


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