Current Affairs Round-up: Pregnancy & maternity discrimination

Current Affairs round-up

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Surprise surprise – pregnancy and maternity discrimination is back in the news again. It’s rather demoralising that 100 years on we’re still having the same damn conversation. But I’m pleased to be able to say that we’re doing so eloquently, and we have an audience, and people are listening.

And best of all we’re effecting change.

But not enough. Not fundamental enough, not comprehensive enough, not quickly enough – there’s a lot still to be done. I find it mind-boggling, for example, that just a couple of weeks ago it was reported that 59% of those questioned believed it was reasonable to ask a woman if she was pregnant during an interview, and 46% whether she had small children. This is not only discriminatory, it’s also gender stereotyping at its worst because let’s face it: they wouldn’t be asking men about the latter.

I’ve been meaning to put a post together myself for some time, and perhaps I still will, but what I want to say is essentially this: WE NEED TO PROCREATE. WE NEED TO CONTINUE LIFE, AND THAT MEANS WOMEN WILL GET PREGNANT AND HAVE BABIES.

I am a little baffled at the way it’s treated as some kind of entitled privilege, rather than the most basic need for society. Those flouting the laws have mothers, sisters, wives – and yet they appear to forget that pregnancy and childrearing is not simply a liberty – it’s a necessity for the majority of us to do this or the world will come to a startling halt.

How then, in 2018, is it acceptable to make it so damn difficult for us?

Laura from Laura’s Lovely Blog discusses her feelings on the matter in Sexism is Still Depressingly Rife for Mothers in 2018.

Emma-Louise of Even Angels Fall talks about the struggle of wanting to return to work versus the reality of how insanely difficult it’s made for many mums to do so, and Hannah Spannah shared her own experience with discrimination.

Harriet from Toby & Roo wrote about attending a protest, and some of the changes Pregnant But Screwed is hoping to bring about. Because though we’re protected from many issues by law, the reality is often very different. I should know. Besides, which, those laws simply don’t go far enough – check out Harriet’s post for more on this.

Despite mentioning that we are effecting change, it’s mostly by being badasses and creating our own flexible jobs to fit in with our lives, because nobody else is going to make it easy for us. Sisters are doing it for themselves.

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