How to confidently explain your blog to others

fairy blog mother cropIt’s that time of year again!

It won’t be long now before we see each other again at BritMumsLive! How wonderful it will be to catch up with old friends to find out how they are and what they have been doing.

But there will also be some new faces who will want to find out all about you and your blog. And you need to be ready! You don’t want to come across as a bit of a muddle and fluff your one and only chance to get another reader.

So here’s another Infographic to help you:

How to confidently explain your blog to others

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Do you have confidence in your blog?

It’s important to have this before you start to confidently explain about your blog to a potential new reader. How sure are you about its subject and its purpose? 

You really need to understand why you blog, what your blog is for, and how it helps your personal life or business. Until you have got that straight, any attempt to offer an explanation may fall flat on its face.

How proud are you of your blog?

It doesn’t matter what state your blog is: mature or just begun its life, full to the brim with content or only contains a few posts, or have a super design or still have the cellophane wrappers on, you need to feel proud of what you have achieved so far if you want to confidently explain about your blog.

Remember we all need to start somewhere. Your blog doesn’t have to be perfect before you can talk about it and share its contents. Have the confidence to say it’s still a work in progress, because any blog will improve the more you write in it.

Use your blog as a tool to help you

Understanding how writing a blog and sharing its contents with your readers can benefit you or your business will make it easier to confidently explain about it.

Do you blog to explain your business or what you do, to educate your readers so that they understand you better? Or do you blog to show off your expertise by sharing your knowledge to build up your credibility?

Or do you blog purely to have a conversation with your reader? Write purely what your readers want to read in a style they most appreciate. This is a great way to forge online relationships via interacting with them on your blog and social media.

Deliver it by dumbing it down

Avoid being seen as that party bore who only speaks jargon. Explaining your blog to someone who doesn’t understand about blogging means the last thing they want to hear is a load of words they don’t recognise. 

Simplify why you blog right down to the real basics. Find words that anyone can understand. This won’t be easy, so I suggest getting a friend or colleague to help you brainstorm ideas to find the most suitable descriptive words you can think of.

Start to think like they do

It’s important to have the ability to understand the other person’s point of view. Imagine yourself in your listener’s world, put yourself into their shoes to see things from their perspective.

Adapt your description into a scenario the other person can relate to. Use analogies or similar concepts to clarify your examples. For example, if you’re talking to a teacher, describe your blog in relation to working in a school. 

Consider situations and occasions that matter to your listener, not to you. Paint a verbal picture they can relate to. If the way you confidently explain about your blog is something they can appreciate, it is immediately more interesting to them.

Know what you can leave out

It’s important to be aware of what is suitable for your readers to avoid confusion. Not everything is applicable all in one go, or the post would become more difficult to understand.

This is the same when you confidently explain about your blog. It’s not essential to include absolutely everything in one go. Make a quick judgement how much you can say and what subjects would be most interesting, and leave the rest out.

If you have a lot to explain, break it down into manageable chunks. Gauge the situation and understand when they’ve had enough, and leave it for another day.

Could you confidently explain about your blog?

I’m constantly revising how I confidently explain to others about my a blog so that they understand it better.

Just like writing, there’s always room for improvement. All the new people who visit my blog need a good explanation, and many will have varying degrees of concentration, focus and be subject to distraction.

One idea is to write down how you would ‘pitch’ your blog in 50, 100 and 200 words. Think of it as similar to composing the blurb of your book for an literary agent.

And then go about practising them just in case you get stuck in a lift with your favourite celebrity and you have the opportunity to impress him/her. This is definitely a chance of a lifetime when you need to be able to confidently explain everything about your blog, and not get it all wrong!

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