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As Christmas is looming nearer and nearer, we seem to think we all should be buying more and more things for your loved ones. But we must also remember that Christmas is a time for rejoicing and being grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to us. It is also a time for sharing and giving to show our appreciation to one another but honestly, gifts don’t need to be physical materialistic items. There are so many ways you can give to others and show your appreciation when it come to giving.


Give Support

I want to highlight one of the things that has hit home for me and my children this month – that is the subject of Child Bereavement. It is incredibly hard when someone you know has passed away. In my article, Helping Children In Grief, and Ann’s article from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful – both give out some useful tips on how to help a child going through their own bereavement cope, and how you and your children can support those affected – to help grieving families rebuild their lives.  There are a few charities mentioned in the articles for support you can look into. If you have know of anyone that can benefit from this please, pass it on. No one – absolutely no one should go through this alone.


Give Your Time

Charlotte from TheMummyToolbox volunteers for Cats Protection and wrote about her motivations and her work – the bad and the good. But ultimately she enjoys feeling like she is helping in one way or another. You know what they say: Animals are for life, not just for Christmas. Charlotte still volunteers there on weekends when she can. Her post was featured in the cats protection magazine as well!


Wardrobes Spring Clearance

Making ways for those new things we will be receiving, Heledd Jones from Yummy Blogger has complied a helpful guide list on 9 charities you can donate baby clothes (and other stuff) to in Cardiff”I don’t think I’m alone here – I am certainly such a hoarder of clothes whether it fits me or not! But Heledd has the answer for us to get rid of clothes without feeling the guilt and instead making it count when giving away stuff to others to wear and/or making them feel good using your items at the same time. If you don’t live in Wales then do take a look around in your local charity shops too. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help.


Toilet Twinning

Yes, you heard that right! If you are stuck on buying a gift particularly for those difficult people who have everything, then Kate from Five Little Stars has the answer. Go Toilet Twinning! Just for £60 you can paired up a toilet with another latrine in the developing world, which you choose from across 25 countries. Your money will be changing an entire communities – forever. One toilet at a time. You get a framed certificate to display in your own bathroom back home which has a photo and co-ordinates on. They’ll make a great talking point when visitors to your house see your certificate proudly mounted on your own toilet wall. If you give it as a gift, you get a really nice warm fuzzy feeling that you are also helping to make a difference. Their last Christmas delivery date is Sunday 17th December – so they recommend you contacting them a few days before that, perhaps Thursday 14th December would be a good idea. Hurry if you want get involved!


Thank you for joining us again. I love reading your charity posts and always wanting to know how you’d change and inspire others to change the world for the better.


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