6 steps to making money with Pinterest

Pinterest logoWe love Pinterest and we love the Christmas period. Lizzie Sibley of Pinterest now tells us how to enjoy both over the season to make money and spread joy. Check out her easy step-by-step tips to making boards that are the best type of window shopping.


Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms for sharing content and inspiring your followers

Winter is coming and Pinterest is the place your readers (and potential readers!) will be searching for the ultimate Christmas party outfit, festive family feast or the best budget stocking fillers.

These top tips and best practices will help you make the most out of Pinterest in the run up to the busiest shopping season of the year. On Pinterest, people start to plan their winter layers, gift wish lists, and seasonal sparkles well ahead of the December festivities. Not only that but shoppable content gets on average 50% more engagement than other types of content and has a CTR of around 10%. With over 200M monthly active users, you’d be crazy not to give it a go!

A Lady in London Pinterest board

1. The first step to making money with Pinterest: Get educated

If you’ve not used Pinterest for your blog or website previously, now is an excellent time to start! The next few months include Christmas, Boxing Day (including Boxing Day sales) and New Year’s Eve; high-traffic shopping holidays for consumers worldwide. There are a number of ways you can start making money with Pinterest but the easiest is to start by using affiliate links. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look at rewardStyle, Awin, Amazon Affiliates and ShopStyle.

I’m going to stop here and quickly share a link through to Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy. Please do share the products you love and endorse but remember to be authentic. What we mean by this is don’t be a spammy-mc-spam-a-lot. It’s not cool, it’s not clever and it won’t actually help you in the long run.

2. Set up your Pinterest business account

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, get started by simply setting up a Pinterest Business Account or convert your existing account into a professional one. Go here to set up your business account now.

3. Curate boards and pins, using your favourite retailers

From there, you can start curating boards and saving Pins from the retailers you love. There is no such thing as too many Pins or too many boards, so feel free to get creative and specific with your board titles. We suggest starting out with around 5 boards that you feel you could add to consistently – the best content on Pinterest is evergreen, so keeping your boards fresh by saving new Pins to them works well.

4. Use our top tips when publishing affiliate links to Pinterest

Curate skillfully:
A mix of products and inspirational Pins will help your audience visualise the possibilities behind the items they save and and click. If you’re building a board on creating the perfect table setting, save the items you’d use to create the look and how you might style them on the table. If you’re creating a board around must-have handbags, also share what outfits they would go well with.

Brilliant descriptions:
Make sure each of your Pins have useful and insightful descriptions. As a tastemaker, your opinion is important and your detailed descriptions send signals to Pinterest which help us surface your content to the right people. You can also add hashtags to your descriptions to help them get discovered – #BossBabeGiftGuide #MumsMustHaves #CopperInteriors — like in this pin.

Be authentic:
Only save what you genuinely love to your boards. You wouldn’t promote products you don’t like on your website or Instagram, so the same should go for Pinterest. Take a quality versus quantity approach—Nobody likes spam! Unlike Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, content on Pinterest can remain relevant and live on for months. This means that a smaller amount of really great Pins will serve you best.

Get professional:
For the inspirational imagery you’re Pinning and also any of your own imagery that you’re going to publish, think glossy magazine style images that will inspire. Keep up your legacy of stand-out Pinterest content by avoiding poor quality, badly lit, blurry user-generated style content.

Pinterest screenshot

No one is going to be as authentic or enthusiastic about sharing your content than your existing fans and followers. Increase the reach of your content by making sure you’ve intergrated Pinterest into your blog or website with the Save button and that you’ve shared your boards and profile across your social channels.

5. Become a Pin Creator!

Join our exclusive club for bloggers and content creators. Get early access to the latest trends on Pinterest, exclusive events and opportunities to be featured in some of our upcoming campaigns. It’s totally free to join, just let us know you’re interested, here (https://pinterest.wufoo.co.uk/forms/join-the-uk-pinterest-community/).

6. Get inspired with by other Pinteresters

And here are a few of our favourite shoppable boards:



Get more tips and advice on rocking Pinterest in our special Pinterest section!

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