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I cannot believe that my baby is almost six months old! Where has the time gone? In the blink of an eye, we are here and it is time to start thinking about weaning. I remember when my eldest daughter started weaning. I was terrified. Terrified to feed her the wrong things and even more terrified that she would choke.

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I honestly think that weaning is the hardest thing I’ve been through so far in my children’s development. Having said that, we’re yet to start potty training the toddler, so I may change my mind on that point! I’m keen to be a little calmer about weaning second time around, so I’ve been reading lots of different blogs to find out how others tackled it.

I started off reading Emma’s blog post where she discusses how to know whether your baby is ready to start weaning. This is something I worry about with my baby as she was born a few weeks early, but after 37 weeks. So technically not premature, but it’s useful to keep in mind what to look out for to check that she’s ready. She’s getting better at sitting up every day, and is definitely showing an interest in our food, so I think she’s getting there!

When it comes to methods of weaning, Leslie has written this helpful post which explains the differences between puree-led and baby-led weaning. She also points out that it’s totally fine to do a mixture of both (which of course it is, although beware that some BLW purists will tell you it’s NOT baby led weaning if you’re also spoon feeding purees, and therefore impossible to do a mixture of BLW with anything else). 

If you do decide to head down the baby led weaning route, then do check out Donna’s post of top tips for baby led weaning. I found the one about waiting ten seconds before helping if your baby starts to gag particularly interesting. I’m not sure I could wait that long, but by the sound of Donna’s post, you shouldn’t need to as it usually takes less time than that for the baby to reposition the food in their mouth themselves.

I found Kate’s post about weaning her son Charlie really useful as she mentions a couple of products that she used to make baby led weaning easier. I never would have considered using a ridged knife to make finger foods easier to grip. What a super idea! 

There are lots of baby led weaning posts out there, so I found it really refreshing to read Sarah’s blog post. Sarah writes honestly about finding it difficult to cope with the mess of baby led weaning, and preferring to spoon feed messier foods to her son while allowing him to feed himself the cleaner ones. I think my kitchen wall might be inclined to agree with Sarah after being subjected to my toddler’s response to meals!

Lastly, while lots of people have written about the start of their weaning journeys, Nicola has written a post about weaning from the start up until five months into the journey. It was really interesting to read about her son Dexter’s progression with different foods and even the introduction of cutlery. 

Now I’m armed with all this information, I guess it’s time to get on with things and put the new highchair together!


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