Bumps and Babies Round-up: Summer’s coming

Bumps and babies round-upSummer is almost upon us. Which is excruciatingly exciting but also fills me with a faint niggle of fear. I am talking about travelling on a plane with a baby. I’ve spoken to a few new mum friends who are also a tad terrified of this new, unfamiliar travelling-with-a-baby-abroad scenario.

It seems we’re not alone. A new survey commissioned by Julia Minchin, the founder of Hippychick, reveals exploding nappies, projectile vomiting and sporadic screaming are just a few challenges parents face when travelling with kiddies in tow. 32% of parents admit they’ve never even entertained the idea of travelling by plane with youngsters. 83% agree family friendly sections on the aircraft would offer peace of mind. 24% of those who’ve travelled on planes with small children claimed it was a stressful experience with many saying it was their fellow child-free passengers who caused them the most worry. However, a carefree 35% revealed they couldn’t give a monkeys what their fidgety toddlers get up to on a flight. Saying, after all, they have as much right to be on the aircraft as everyone else. Finallly, 50% of mums said breastfeeding on a plane was their biggest dread about flying with a baby.

All the above is definitely food for thought. I’m not sure which camp I fit into. Would it be a good idea to have parent/ child only zones on plane? Or would that just erupt into mayhem?

Here are a few blogs I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

I love reading travel blogs that transport you away from your mountain of washing and cleaning chores. This post from Funky Wellies Random Thoughts about holidays in the south of France did just take. And no plane is required from the UK, bonus.

This post about the realities of newborn babies by Farmers Wife And Mum is oh so true. It’s easy nine months along to forget about those chaotic but wonderful first few weeks with a tiny bundle. I love her post about the 10 Uses For Scarves With Kids too.

5 Things You Can Get Away With When Pregnant by Mama Mim is a funny blog post including Spanx, stealing your husband’s chocolate and having a good cry (sad film optional).

I can whole-heartedly relate to this spider phobia post from Helpful Mum. Children + spiders = terrifying. But your child expecting you to man, er, mum-up and remove the eight-legged thing is a whole new level of horrifying.

Finally, this oreo and caramel cheesecake recipe by Tinned Tomatoes has to be the best looking cheesecake this side of the Atlantic. Jacqueline’s vegetarian recipes rock my world… she has a meal for every occasion!

I would love to hear about your blog and baby-filled life, so please get in touch via Twitter @jessicabrown05 or via the contact details on my blog.

Jess x

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