Bumps and Babies Round-up: Food, glorious food

Bumps and babies round-upWhat a difference a month can make…
Following my previous Weaning Woes post where my 7-month-old wouldn’t eat any green food – I can quietly rejoice as we’ve turned a corner. My daughter now happily munches away on pretty much everything, even greens. It took us a good three weeks of trying certain foods over and over with lots of encouragement and mealtime fun, until finally it just clicked. She is now pretty much eating me out of house and home and seems to eat much tastier food than my husband and I – cod, orange, tomato and butternut squash being one of her staple favourites.

Food has become such a huge part of my new life as a mum. To be honest, I never expected to spend so much time researching recipes, buying ingredients, preparing meals, cooking food, freezing it and then feeding every three hours, every day. I know that sounds daft, as one of the simplest and most loving things you do as a mum is feed your children, but I hadn’t really stopped to consider it before having a baby. It takes a lot of organization and planning, two skills I didn’t value very high in my pre-baby life. I now have so much admiration for parents of big, bustling families.

Talking about food, I recently interviewed fertility guru Zita West who is a celebrity midwife and has helped Kate Winslet, Stella McCartney and Davina McCall during their pregnancies. Zita believes diet plays an essential role when trying to conceive and gave me some fantastic tips on The Fastest Way To Fall Pregnant.

Here are a selection of parenting blogs I’ve enjoying reading this month…

Mum Of 3 Boys wrote a brilliant post this week titled searching for the elusive supermum. Real mums know keeping your house immaculate, home cooking and multitasking isn’t an easy feat. Her ideal world sounds dreamy too.

I recently wrote a post asking how important is it to read to your child? So thoroughly enjoyed this post by Mummy Fever encouraging others to support their children’s reading saying it’s one of the most important jobs as a parent.

With spring well underway I’ve been feeling severe wanderlust especially reading Mum Pack Travel’s blog. Anyone traveling for the first time with children will find her tips on why Fiji is a stress-free, relaxed fun family trip a good read.

Bump Baby Me gives interesting and factual advice about weaning, especially what to do if your baby chokes. Accompanied by some tasty food ideas.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a blogging buddy to swap week-by-week tips with The Dusty Attic Blog is keeping a pregnancy diary including best moments, movements, sleep patterns and cravings.

Be great to hear from you if you have a blog and would like to say hello. Please join the linky below.


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