Bumps and Babies Round-up: Weaning Woes

Bumps and babies round-upIt’s been a month of ups and down. I started the month by writing a letter to my 6 month old to celebrate her half birthday.
That was a nice moment, which hopefully she’ll enjoy reading in years to come. However, on a downside, this month I’ve learnt weaning isn’t as much fun as the happy photos in baby books suggest. Is it normal for a baby to sob in horror at the sight of anything green? My six month old won’t entertain having avocado, broccoli or pea in arm’s reach, let alone, dare I suggest it… in her mouth.

We started on our weaning adventure happily eating porridge. Taking photos of huge smiles covered in gooey, beige gunge. We then moved down the list merrily eating all my hand-cooked purees; potato, butternut squash, sweet potato, apple, pear and mango. However, our weaning fun came to an abrupt halt the morning I cheerily mashed up some avocado. This resulted in tears, lots of real streaming tears, followed by a hunger strike. Peas, broccoli and courgette are not fun, colourful food in my daughter’s eyes. Friends suggested I mix/hide green vegetables in sweet potato or carrot. She might only be six months old, but she has that one sussed. So despite being on week five of weaning we’re still, very slowly, ploughing through Annabel Karmel’s simple Week 1 plan… for the fifth time. 

At the same time I am receiving messages from my NCT friends, who’s babies have taken to weaning like a puppy to a toilet roll. They ask, “Anyone know how to cook kale for babies?”, “has anyone tried their baby with chard yet?” and “do I need to braise fennel in a sauté pan?”. It’s enough to tip a mum, with a baby barely eating porridge, over the edge. Kale? Chard? Fennel? I give up. 

Has anyone else experienced weaning problems? Will we eventually just turn a corner and be steaming kale too? I would love to hear your weaning advice and stories. 

Here are some of the parenting blogs I’ve enjoyed reading this month.

Free From Framhouse is a really informative and fun blog about a toddler with food allergies. It’s helped me try and laugh off my weaning woes. Emma shares her family escapades on their farm and recipes free from milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, sesame and garlic. Definitely worth a read if you’re concerned about food allergies or just want some new, inspiring recipes to try.

When’s the right time to have your second child? A question impossible to answer but one we all worry about. With that in mind, I really enjoyed reading this post by Make Do & Push about having two children under three.

8 reasons my baby is like a puppy from Mummy Blog made me really chuckle. I often tell my husband our little one reminds me of a puppy – soft hair and doey eyes trying to hide that mischievous streak. 

If you love bump updates, you’ll enjoy reading Life With Baby Kicks blogging from the sunshine in Dubai. Life With Baby Kicks has a Bump Watch counting down every week of pregnancy with some great tips for heartburn, sausage fingers and everything inbetween. 

The internet is a bottomless pit of information when you’re pregnant. I aways googled how my baby was developing at 24 weeks, 32 weeks etc and reading birthing stories about hypnobirthing and water births. So this post from Play At Home Teacher is brilliant for all soon-to-be mums. A collection of other mums linking up their birthing stories.

I’d love to hear from you if you have a blog or any weaning tales to share 🙂 Please say hello and join the below linky.

Jess xx

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  1. 26 February 2015 / 14:09

    Thank you for including me in your round up. We are just approaching 5 months so I will be following your weaning journey with interest as I can just imagine having the same problems when our time comes!

    • 27 February 2015 / 22:44

      You’re welcome Anna. In a ploy to encourage her to eat her greens I’ve been feeding Ella’s Kitchen pouches this week. They’ve worked a treat! Back to home cooked purees tomorrow though x

    • 27 February 2015 / 22:40

      Hi Amie,
      Thanks for your message, I will definitely check out your weaning tips. Good luck with toddlerhood… hopefully Stage 3 will be a breeze x

  2. 02 March 2015 / 12:43

    Ahhh just realised I have added my post to the wrong linky – multitasking failure today 🙁 Apologies – feel free to remove it!

    • 03 March 2015 / 12:10

      Hi Charlotte, don’t be daft all linkys welcome, nice to hear from you. Maternity tights are annoying, you’re so right! I used to just wear normal ones that were too small and have them under the bump. Never thought of fishnets!! x