Getting Sponsored & Guidelines

Q: Do I need to have a sponsor?

A: No. We’ve subsidized the ticket price and kept it as low as possible to make it affordable to bloggers. However, a conference can be quite an expense, and we recognise that some bloggers like to recruit sponsors to help cover the costs of the conference. This is fine too.

Q: Can I get a sponsor for BritMums Live?
A: Yes! You can get a company to sponsor you for #BML17. You might want to lock-in your ticket while you can (they sell out), and search for a sponsor later. Please keep in mind that all sponsored relationship is between you – the blogger – and your sponsor. Companies that sponsor bloggers are not necessariy official sponsors of #BML17. The only official sponsors of #BML17 are those that have stands at the show. For more information on how to sponsor #BML17, please email [email protected].

Sponsored blogger and PR Brand Delegate guidelines:

Q: What am I allowed to do as a sponsored blogger/brand delegate?
A: As a sponsored blogger/brand delegate you can:

  • Be the “blogger on the ground” at the event for your sponsor;
  • Promote your sponsor on your own blog with a blog post, competition, review, or an advertisement. Your blog is your space, be creative!
  • Provide content, such as a post or article, for your sponsor’s blog and website;
  • Tweet about the sponsor, before and during the event;
  • Wear branded clothing at the event (there is a limit to this, branded T-shirts, badges are fine, but a HUGE branded chicken costume is not. Plus it’s hard to hold a cup of coffee with those wings);
  • Bring branded business cards (have your tried Moo cards yet? They are very affordable and cute).

There are also things that you can’t do as a sponsored blogger/brand delegate.

Q: What am I not allowed to do as a sponsored blogger/brand delegate?
A: You cannot pass out any materials related to your sponsor on the event premises, this includes samples and marketing materials. Also – keep any branded clothing to T-shirts, badges, etc (NOT big costumes/props/balloons/music). Anything found will be removed and the blogger/brand delegate will be responsible for any costs associated with the removal. Any blogger/brand delegate who is found in breach of these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. Any questions shoot us an email to [email protected]

Q: Do I disclose a sponsor relationship?
A: We suggest that if you are sponsored that you write a blog post disclosing your relationship with your sponsor, so that your readers are aware. It is a good ethical blogging practice and also helps raise awareness for your sponsor and how they are getting involved with the blogging community.

Good luck!

Getting Sponsored: Step by step:

Sponsorships are about a relationship between you, your blog and your sponsor and can cover expenses like your ticket, accommodation and travel.

Go through the list below and think about what you want from your sponsor and what you can provide.

Step 1. Figure out how much you’d like the company to sponsor you for. You want to go in with a money amount and then a list of what you can provide and all the terrific value they’’ll get out of sponsoring you.

Step 2. Start with companies or brands you have already worked with. You can also look at other blogs and see which brands are active with bloggers. Or pick a brand that you think fits your blog and ethos.

Step 3. Send an email with an initial pitch that requests a phone call or a meeting with the brand to have a more detailed conversation. The purpose of the phone call or meeting is to tell them all the value they’ll get out of sponsoring you, your blog and your audience.

The initial pitch should be a brief message that tells the brand about your blog, its editorial focus and your readership. If you’ve just started and your stats aren’t high, mention how you’re creating relationships in the blogging community – blog hops you join, conversations you start on BritMums, guest posts you’ve written, and so on. Traffic IS NOT everything, and things like engagement in the community are important too. A blog that has lots of thoughtful comments on a relevant topic can be just as important to a brand as high traffic that is not as engaged.

Then tell them you’re looking for sponsorship to attend BritMums Live!, the best blogging event of the year devoted entirely to a parenting audience and run by the UK’s largest parent blogging network of more than 8k influential and engaged bloggers. (There’s strength in numbers baby.)

Your checklist – what to include:

* Why they should sponsor you

* The value of the brand being involved with you and your blog and respective audience

* The importance of the conference (#BML17 will attract 300 attendees and is the only conference dedicated entirely to the parent blogging audience)

* Include your contact information

Step 4. Remember: Of course on the day you can wear a badge and inform people who ask that you were sponsored by company X, but the real value for the brand is the longer-term relationship with you and your blog.

Recommendations for attaining sponsorship

  • If you are interested in working with a brand and becoming a sponsored blogger to attend #BML17 it is advisable to negotiate all aspects of sponsorship (i.e. what you will agree to and what your sponsor will be responsible for) well in advance of the days of the conference. Agree to your terms and conditions and uphold your responsibilities in order to maintain a positive relationship with your sponsor.
  • You may want to prepare a “media kit” or blog CV to promote your blog and yourself to potential sponsors. Sponsors may request stats and/or blogging achievements/rankings. Make sure that you have access to this type of information to speed up the process.
  • When looking for potential sponsors, look to brands and/or PR’s who represent your viewpoints and values and for whom you will feel comfortable representing both on your blog and in person at the conference.
  • Consider what costs you will have in order to attend #BML17. Will you need only the cost of your conference ticket covered? Or will you need transportation and/or accomodation as well. Be as specific as possible when estimating the costs involved when you are pitching to a sponsor/brand. When an agreement is entered into, be sure to work out whether the sponsor will be paying you for your expenses up front or will expect you to submit invoices and/or receipts for reimbursement.
Step 5. Make sure you get a ticket! We sell out every year, so make sure you get yours if you want to attend.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at #BML17!

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