BritMums Live Keynote: Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella speaking at BritMums Live 2015

We’ve got big news about BritMums Live.

We’re thrilled to announce Friday conference keynote Ella Woodward, aka Deliciously Ella!

Ella is one of the UK’s most popular bloggers and is all about embracing healthy living. She started her journey into healthy eating to heal a chronic illness and has since created the site, written a cookbook and created an app. Ella’s blog gets over six million hits a month and her book has been the fastest selling debut cookbook since records began.

Ella has been featured in publications ranging from Vogue to Grazia to Top Sante to Evening Standard and more. Her cookbook Deliciously Ella features more than 100 new sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. It will inspire you to eat for better health, glowing skin and boundless energy. From sumptuous desserts, to food on the go, delicious dips, raw treats and rainbow bowls of awesome veggies, Ella’s philosophy is all about showing that healthy living is fun and enjoyable, it’s not about deprivation or starvation but finding ways to make you healthy and happy. 

Deliciously Ella cookbookExcited about connecting with Ella? Here’s how:

> Leave your question for Ella below. She’ll be answering your questions at the conference!

> Come hear her speak: Living Deliciously with Deliciously Ella

> Visit the bookstand to buy the book and get it signed by Ella herself


See you at BritMums Live!

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  1. Nick F
    10 May 2015 / 10:03

    Question for Ella:

    Hi Ella,

    Congratulations on all of the success. Just wondered how you felt about people possibly getting obsessive over their eating? Do you think we are all going into a dangerous territory where we shame ourselves, and others around us, quite harshly for eating white bread, a red velvet cake, etc.?

  2. 09 June 2015 / 14:45

    Hi Ella,

    HUGE congratulations on the phenomenal growth of your site. Incredible!

    Since January last year, I have made significant improvements to my health and lifestyle, losing 60 lbs in the process. Now, I want to take that a stage further and ‘clean up’ my eating. Trouble is, I do love my carbs and sugar!

    What would you recommend as the first step to be towards a cleaner diet, and the best natural alternative to traditional refined sugar?

  3. 18 June 2015 / 21:58

    Dear Ella,

    Congratulations on your huge success: health, blog, book… I love the whole experience!
    Besides creating amazing content, what would be the 3 top things you would recommend to a fellow blogger to get traction and grow your blog?

    I am maybe a bit late to ask my question but I would love to know the answer even if this is after the event 🙂 I really look forward to hearing your keynote.