BritMums Live! Guest Post: Stephanie wants to know, was this in the plan?

You know the feeling when your child starts school for the first time, you get to check out the other children, meet their mothers.  There’s the mum that has done this all before, confidently chatting with the teachers, she obviously knows the ropes, turns out she’s on the PTA.  There’s the child, a head and shoulders taller than your child (obviously a September birthday), already playing in the home corner.  You worry; does my child have the right uniform?  Will they make friends?  Will they be on the bottom table for reading? What if the other mums don’t talk to me? Should I join the PTA or will I look to keen, am I coming across as too aloof, should I have home schooled my baby and protected her from the horrors of the playground…..

This is how I feel about coming to BritMums Live.   My blog is like my 5th child, I have nurtured it and tended to it, taken it on play dates via linkys and bloghops and now it’s time to go to school and begin the next part of its adventure in the big world.  BritMums Live will be the first blogging conference I have been to and the first time I have met up with other bloggers in the flesh, the first time I have stood up and said “Hello, my name is Stephanie Nimmo, and I write a blog”.

I’m looking forward to so many things – I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Sarah Brown speak– she was my 100th twitter follower.  On New Year’s Eve last year, I was sat at home, my daughter Daisy had just been discharged from yet another hospital stay and I was amusing myself by trying to increase my twitter followers, and the lovely Sarah Brown obliged, making my night!

I want to know how to take my blog to the next level.  I started writing it in 2008 but only really came out late last year as I found that one of my posts had gone viral and people seemed to like my writing.  I’m looking  forward to the Crossing the Chasm Session on Day 1 and on Day 2 I’ll definitely be at the Blogging for the Greater Good Session  as the focus of my writing is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by families affected by disability.

Probably the bit I am most nervous about is the awards ceremony.  Despite only really being on the blogging scene for less than a year my blog is a finalist in the “Inspire”category.  This is so exciting, I’m looking forward to meeting the other shortlisted bloggers, I’ve been reading their blogs and I’m up against some amazing women, I’m going to need that glass of wine in my hand when they announce the winners.  My youngest son asked me what did being a finalist mean and I told him it was the mummy’s equivalent of winning the Golden Pencil at the end of term.  The Golden Pencil award is a really big deal in my son’s school, their name goes into the Golden Book and they get to stand up in assembly and shake hands with the headteacher.

Most of all I am looking to a couple of days of sheer indulgence, meeting likeminded women, being referred to by my first name and not as someone’s mum, having a night off from childcare/nursing duties means I can have a couple of cheeky vinos on the Friday night.  Hopefully by Saturday afternoon I will no longer look like the new girl’s mum – I’ll probably be anticipating some homework, maybe I will have joined the blogging PTA, I know I will have made some new friends and who knows, maybe there’ll be a golden pencil tucked into the school bag too.

You can read my blog “Was this in the Plan” at, I tweet as @stephnimmo and my facebook page is

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  1. 11 June 2012 / 19:33

    aww what a lovely post 🙂 I hope I get to meet up with you during the event xx

  2. 12 June 2012 / 13:46

    Looking forward to meeting you and really don’t worry about being the newbie. I went last year and loved it, hence going back for more.