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On Monday, we featured a guest post from Fiona at NLP Mum about NaBloPoMoUK. The blogging social network, BlogHer, in the US runs National Blog Post Month and it’s been brought across the pond for us to try. We are grateful to Fiona for bringing it to our attention and as BritMums specialises in “leading the conversation” we wanted to show our support for this most excellent blogging challenge: writing a blog post EVERY DAY for the month of November.

Yesterday, being the 1st of the month, bloggers everywhere began sharpening their fingers and grey matter in anticipation of 30 days worth of posts. There was a bit of trepidation, however. Could it be done? Would they lose their minds and their followers? How on earth can you find something to write about EVERY SINGLE DAY?? As ever, at BritMums, we’re here to help. Initially I started a Forum discussion on the BritMums network to gauge the interest level of our members for this endeavour. Then, after a really positive response from our members, I started a Group on the Network where those who are NaBloPoMo-ing could list their posts, find support and learn from each other.

Between the Forum Discussion and the Group there are now 49 BritMums signed up to participate in NaBloPoMo! Very exciting stuff from our members. This is a mega-commitment and one that should not be taken lightly. Writing every day, for many, is just not something they do. Most bloggers average 3-4 posts a week if they are lucky (or if they want to). The idea behind NaBloPoMo (gleaned from NaNoWriMo) is simply to encourage your writing. It’s not for everyone. And hopefully none of our BritMums NaBloPoMo-ers will lose any followers in the process. They need your support and encouragement so I’ll be listing below, for this week’s Good Reads, the NaBloPoMo UK BritMums for you to follow. Their posts will be dropping into your readers/email inboxes on a daily basis for the next 30 days so do your best to cheer them on. If I have somehow forgotten any one of the bloggers signed up to NaBloPoMo through BritMums, please forgive me. Blame it on the Bebe that’s waiting to get out!

This will have to do as your Good Reads list for the MONTH of November. Due to the impending arrival of my Bebe by the end of this month (hopefully she says), the Good Reads feature will move to being a MONTHLY feature. So, we’ll be recommending MORE Good Reads to you to carry you through the month. And this month, let’s focus on these brave BritMums Bloggers who are taking on NaBloPoMo. See if you can lend them a bit of support and/or biscuits.

Keep calm, carry on and just keep blogging!

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About Karin Joyce

Karin Joyce is the creator of Embrace Happy, an inspirational and motivational website where the focus is on celebrating the good in our lives every day. The Embrace Happy tagline is: Not every day is good but there is good in every day.

Before starting Embrace Happy, Karin was one of the “old school” bloggers from the early days of what was then British Mummy Bloggers with her parenting blog Cafe Bebe. In between school runs, blogging and being a wife to Mark and Mum to Ella (6 1/2) and Sam (3), Karin also works as a freelance social media manager and consultant.


  1. 02 November 2011 / 14:13

    hi, I’m also taking part! I only started up my blogging recently again, and discovered NaBloPoMo on Monday….hence I’m not managed to get up with all the different networks involved!

    Please have a look at!

    Thank you x

    Ps. Good luck with your imminant arrival!

  2. 02 November 2011 / 15:11

    Wow, Karin, you do work hard! Thanks for linking everyone up here, very helpful. I’ve already done my post for today – hope I can continue to be as efficient throughout the month.

  3. 02 November 2011 / 20:00

    Thanks for including me on the blogroll – I would just like to say that my name is Fran, my job title is Mother… 😉

    • 02 November 2011 / 20:19

      Hi Fran!
      Many apologies! You are most definitely a Fran and not just a Mother! I will correct it!
      🙂 Karin

    • 19 November 2012 / 05:18

      Chocolate in the shape of raw fish? Interesting. It would be more surprising to make sushi look like choaolcte. Imagine taking a bite into a Snickers only to discover it was seaweed full of salmon roe.I’m also a big fan of toothpaste that tastes like anchovies or goat cheese.

  4. 03 November 2011 / 08:03

    Blimey I’m subscribed to most of you lot! My inbox is going to be extremely hot(mail) this month 😕

  5. 03 November 2011 / 10:07

    Hi all – Nutter, not genius 😉 I’ve just posted the links to Day 3 comment on FB if you want to hook your Nov 3rd post in there, and I think Karin is creating a NaBloPoMo list on twitter so that we can all follow each other on there too… Karin? (I’d do it… in fact I started it, and then realised that I couldn’t put myself on the list which is yet another shortfall of twitter…. if anyone knows a way round this let me know). Hope you’re all enjoying the challenge. Off to post for day 3….. oh, and if anyone knows how to get wp-polls working do tweet me or contact me through the FB group. Cheers F (@nlpmum

  6. 03 November 2011 / 11:59

    Hi All,

    I’m seriously new to this blogging thing and I am attempting to take part too.

    How do I get included on the blog role?

    Also how do I set up my comments on my blog so I can reply to individuals? I use Blogger.

    Hope to get to know some of you.