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Right! We’ve been talking about it all year long and we’re going to highlight it today. What, might you ask, am I on about? VIDEO BLOGGING!!! It’s taking the US Blogging Community by STORM! It’s slowly but surely creeping into the UK Blogosphere and we want to step it up a notch! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This week, instead of Good READS, we’re highlighting Good VIDS on the BritMums network. Our video bloggers have worked hard to produce some great videos for you on a wealth of topics. We’re highlighting 10 of the most recent uploads to the BritMums network but there are tons more to browse through. Take some time to have a look at what these bloggers are doing. It’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s usually just a blogger talking to the camera. Simple yet entirely effective! Roll tape…

  • Our resident Geekmummy and her Hubby sidekick tackle the subject of Maternal Instinct. How great is it to have a Daddy perspective…and how great they can laugh about it!
  • Dazed but Enthused Katie shares her perspective on Mummy Me Time and we get to see a rather lovely & funky new hair colour that she managed to achieve as a result of her “Me” time.
  • Tamsin Constable is enjoying the change of the seasons and shows us how pleasant it can be. Dark Night? Get Out! is a great inspiration for Half Term week.
  • We love how Janis, from ReallyKidFriendly, talks to us about Maternal Instinct and how she’s not so sure that she has it! (We’re pretty sure that Janis has it!)
  • Lost for dinner inspiration! Look no further than Marianne Whooley’s Spaghetti alla Pescatora for tonight. It’s GORGEOUS! We love Mari’s recipe vlogs…she knows how to inspire!
  • Becky from Baby Budgeting is opening up about SAD and the Winter months in Bad Weather Blues.
  • The crafting goddess, Maggy of Red Ted Art, shows us a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween craft that can easily be accomplished with the kids. You’ll want to add this to your Half-Term arsenal!
  • Do mothers make better parents? Knackered Mother, Helen, has a few thoughts on the subject. Boobs are involved!
  • Our very own Jennifer Howze (aka interviews an American author about whether Breast is Best. A great topic!
  • We’re LOVING Peggy from Perfectly Happy Mum. She communicates what so many of us are feeling so beautifully in I am an anxious mum…there I said it!

We just LOVE video. It personalises the blogger…shows us who they are, what they sound like, what they look like and what they FEEL. You can communicate effectively through words, of course. But video can really open a door into the blogger behind the blog which takes your understanding of that person to a different level.

Yes, video blogging can be challenging and it’s not for everyone. You can tell when someone is uncomfortable in front of the camera and it can make for uncomfortable viewing but you don’t always have to be in front of the camera. You can be creative and try different methods. Video is actually quite fun and freeing…it’s a new thing you can wrap your head around and take your blog to a different audience.

We’ll continue to help, educate and inspire you to video blog on BritMums so watch this space and give it a go. You never know what video blogging might lead to for you!

Have a great week and Happy Vlogging!


(And while we’ve got you here, have a look at our latest Featured Video)



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Karin Joyce is the creator of Embrace Happy, an inspirational and motivational website where the focus is on celebrating the good in our lives every day. The Embrace Happy tagline is: Not every day is good but there is good in every day.

Before starting Embrace Happy, Karin was one of the “old school” bloggers from the early days of what was then British Mummy Bloggers with her parenting blog Cafe Bebe. In between school runs, blogging and being a wife to Mark and Mum to Ella (6 1/2) and Sam (3), Karin also works as a freelance social media manager and consultant.


  1. 19 October 2011 / 10:40

    Ooh, that’s me! Am off to watch a few of the new ones now. I do love them…you are right, words on the page are great but sometimes it is great to see bloggers talking. Penny’s one about bullying was so poignant and I took some really good advice away from it.

  2. 19 October 2011 / 11:04

    It’s YOU! We love you! We love video blogging as well! Now we just want everyone else to hop on board! 😉

  3. 20 October 2011 / 13:22

    As a TV reporter I ought to be delighted at the opportunity to be “on screen” – but as I blog anonymously it’s a bit of a problem .
    Could do it wearing a mask I suppose
    I’m not the only anonymous blogger though – so interested to know: Is it a problem for anyone else

    • 20 October 2011 / 13:49

      Not a Notting Hill Mum,
      Yes, anonymity does make video blogging a bit more challenging. Will have a think as to whether it’s possible or not! Perhaps creative camera angles??