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In our ongoing weekly feature, we like to give you a handful of good reads to fill those moments when you're not being an amazing housewife, mother and/or business woman. You know, those 5 minutes where your child is either out of the house or asleep and you can't find anything better to do? Here are this week's BritMums Good Reads with which to enjoy a cuppa…

  • Dorky Mum shares with us her plethora of high-flying friends on Facebook with The Book I'd Like to Write: 373 Friends. What a genius idea for a book! Wonder if she can get a major airline to sponsor her?
  • A Scaninavian Sojurn takes us on a journey with her children's imagination in Close Encounters of the Dirt Kind which ends up introducing us to a traditional Danish chimney sweep! Who knew?

  • Mother's Always Right had me nodding my head with her touching post Who's the Daddy (The Long Road). I have some very similar pictures in my archives…sigh…how lovely.
  • More than Toast shares with us the amazing story of her daughter Elfie in Living with a Sick Baby. They are a very brave family indeed. Go cuddle your children after reading this one!
  • Piglet in a Poke has had a traumatic adventure at, of all things, a Pampered Chef party in Stepford Wife, I'm not! I'm not sure if I want to eat anything Piglet makes with crushed meringues but I would like to join her for some Pimm's though.
  • Celebratingmums had an amazing and poignant post honouring her Dad for a Gallery theme. What a wonderful tribute. 
  • Ghostwritermummy's Other Half has experienced being Censored in an altogether shocking way that many of us might be subject to as well. Definitely a post to get you thinking.
  • Ever fancy yourself as a super hero? Well, Jessica Milln shares with us her desire in I wish I was Elastigirl. Go on then…who would you be?
  • Not a Notting Hill Mum has an amazing story of her daughter's birth and First Christmas which was a featured post at the 2010 BritMums Christmas Party. This is an emotional and inspirational post. 
  • An American Resident gives us some great reasons as to why Most Americans Don't Own Passports. This is a fascinating post that just might open your eyes and brain to some new ideas about Americans in general.
  • There we have it. 10 BritMums Good Reads as submitted by YOU the bloggers. Feel free to visit the BritMums Network to share more good reads to keep us up to date on the best in blogging. When you're done with these posts…rush back to being the genius parent that you are!



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    Karin Joyce is the creator of Embrace Happy, an inspirational and motivational website where the focus is on celebrating the good in our lives every day. The Embrace Happy tagline is: Not every day is good but there is good in every day.

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    1. 21 July 2011 / 14:22

      Looking forward to checking out lots of these, thanks for including mine! Emma 🙂