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Books round-up

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Welcome to September’s Books Round-up, have you all had a fantastic summer holiday? Are you sad the children have gone back to school this week or relieved? I actually move house this week, so it’s all a bit chaotic in my house! And on that note, if you’re moving soon Acorn books shared this fab post of 5 picture books about moving house with me when I announced we had exchanged, which was really helpful as I bought my children a book each about moving to help them understand what was going to happen.

This month on my blog, I have reviewed An A to Z of Magical Monsters and Mythical Beasts which is a really fun and slightly spooky book with really amazing illustrations. One for school age children and above, for those starting to think about Halloween this book would be great for that. 

Great ‘Me-Time’ Books

If you are looking forward to getting a bit more reading time for yourself now the children are back, here are some reads for you. If you love a good cookbook, Foodiequine has reviewed a really cool Veggie Desserts Cookbook which is all about desserts made from vegetables!

The Homemaker’s Journal has shared a collection of books she has read so far in 2017, there are some lovely books resisted, a couple I think I might like to try. Over 40 and Mum to One has reviewed What She Left by Rosie Fiore, which looks like a great read. Mama Mummy Mum lists her books of the month as Trust by Kylie Scott, Kylie Scott is one of my favourite authors, so I went and downloaded it straight away after reading this!

Finally, The Reading Residence has read The Little Book of Lykke, which is a Danish book all about bringing more happiness into your life. Described by Jocelyn as ‘a must-read for all’ I really love the sound and philosophy of it. 

Books for School Starters

For children starting school this September, Sarah from Digital Motherhood has shared 5 books for school starters with some great suggestions to help children who are a little apprehensive about starting. The Ladybirds’ Adventures also have a post with 5 books about starting school, as did Along Came Poppy who shared her favourite 5 school books.  Between these posts, there should be something for every child. I always find books really help my children with new situations like this.  

Summer, Emotions and an Author Interview

Missing the summer already? Then perhaps you should think about reading Julia Donaldson’s latest release What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday which My Chaotically Chaotic Life has reviewed on her blog. I suspect this book will end up on my son’s birthday list as he really likes this series. 

Do you have a child that struggles with their emotions? The Little Adventurer has written a list of 5 picture books for children 3-6 who struggle with their emotions. I’ve heard great things about The Huge Bag of Worries and must invest, but there is a fab selection of books here for you to help your child if they do.

If your children love the Dinosaur who Love Underpants books by Claire Freedman, then you might want to head over to Our Fairytale Adventure and read her interview with the author. I always enjoy reading more about authors and their creative process. 

I hope you enjoyed the round-up. If you would like to be included in next month’s round-up I would love to hear from you, you can tweet me @laurasummers or drop me an email.

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