Blogger of the Week: This Mid 30’s Life and 10 more must-reads

Today Karin from Cafe Bebe starts her regular posts on some of the bloggers to read:

Ah, my first Blogger of the Week post! Oh, the pressure! Do you know that there are more than 1,800 members of British Mummy Bloggers now? When I joined in May of 2009 there were around 300. I thought that was impressive! I now have the supreme honour of sifting through the prolific waters of the BMB members to select a Blogger of the Week.

Wait a minute…honour? This is hard work! There are so many brilliant bloggers out there at every level of experience and expertise. In order to make my job slightly easier, I will be selecting one blogger for Blogger of the Week and then drawing your attention to 10 bloggers who deserve your time and attention. I like to spread the love, I do. Now, on to my difficult task…

For this week I have chosen a blogger who joined our fair community not too terribly long ago. However, she came a very long way indeed to join this crew of British Mummy Bloggers. In fact, the country from which she hails is now hosting our England Cricket team and are focused more on sunscreen and sunglasses instead of balaclavas and brrrr.

This blogger uses one of my favourite words in describing herself:

I’m obsessed with my hair, my laugh is loud and unpredictable and sadly, I have no visible ankles. Only cankles. Finally, I’ve learnt to embrace my freckles, having been told all my life “they’ll fade when you grow up.”

Cankles. That makes me laugh every time I say it. In addition to the usual blog design, this lovely blogger has even given herself a Pool Room in which to house her awards. I don’t yearn quite so much for a Pool Room but I may be installing a Conservatory with under-floor-heating at Cafe Bebe soon. It sounds like a great idea.

In her most recent post, the BMB Blogger of the Week shows us some really inspirational make-over looks to perk ourselves up. I’m quite liking the Kermit-the-Frog inspired look. In honour of her youngest daughter’s impending birthday our fair Blogger attempted to channel Nigella and Martha Stewart at the same time. The results are documented in a follow-up post where we learn that this lovely blogger is, in fact, a dab hand at cupcake making and design. Well done mate!

Do drop by and visit This Mid 30’s Life where you can learn more about her attempts to get fit at Zumba. I’m picturing her in the class now and am chuckling just a little bit.

Now, for the 10 Must-Read Blogs of the Week…I’m picking some bloggers who’ve joined British Mummy Bloggers in the last two weeks. Show them a warm welcome by visiting their blogs soon and commenting on their posts.

•    Mama and More
•    I’m So Fancy
•    Big Words
•    Mrs Gwdihw
•    Prepped
•    Honest Mum
•    Didadonna
•    Infinite Wisdom
•    Mummykimmy’s Blog
•    The King and Eye

— Karin from Cafe Bebe, @CafeBebe

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  1. 29 November 2010 / 11:05

    Wow Karin I am blown away!! That’s so kind, thank you. You’ve made my day, I really appreciate those kind words.
    Thank you.

  2. 29 November 2010 / 13:16

    A great choice for Blogger of the Week – she’s still my favourite blog around (it’s true Mid 30’s – you thoroughly deserve the praise):) x

  3. 30 November 2010 / 14:41

    Mid 30’s,
    You’re most welcome! It was a pleasure finding and devouring your blog. Lovely stuff! Can’t wait to see more.
    This is loads of fun!
    🙂 Karin

  4. 30 November 2010 / 18:33

    Come now Kate and Karin, that’s enough. No more singing my praises. No more telling me how much you love me.
    Oh all right then. Only if it makes you happy.
    And at the risk of sounding like over-friendly shop assistant – right back at you! x

  5. 01 December 2010 / 13:09

    I love this list – offer me so much great reading! Thank you!

  6. 02 December 2010 / 12:08

    Ditto to the above: thanks for the great reading list Karin (mostly new discoveries for me) and congrats to Mid30’s–your thoughts on life, the universe and fashion always have me in absolute stitches!

  7. 02 December 2010 / 22:25

    That’s great-loving the blogs you have chosen. Please consider featuring my blog in the future. I recently joined and would love some more readers to share in the Big Fat Greek madness that is my life. the honest and funny musings of a filmaker and first time mum. Thanks