BiBs 2018 Categories

For the 2018 Brilliance Awards, we’ve got 11 great voting categories plus the BritMums Choice Award, selected by the BritMums Judging Panel. There’s a category for you and your favourite blogs and social feeds, whatever the topic. 

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BiBs 2018 Categories

Fresh Voice

This award celebrates the newbies in the blogging world. The blogger’s actual age doesn’t figure; rather it’s their fresh approach to blogging and social media – with content, pictures, video and voice that makes the rest of us take notice. Blogs should be less than 18 months old, or recently relaunched.


The award for blogs good enough to eat. They feature mouth-watering pictures, tasty recipes, and a love of the pleasures and rituals of eating. The only problem with the blogs in this delicious category is that after you read them you can’t help but head straight to the kitchen.

Inspire – Dedicated to Kate Sutton, Wit Wit Woo

The content, the voice, the infectious enthusiasm of these bloggers encourages everyone around them, whether it’s about a charitable cause, personal challenges or simply rising to the demands of daily life. These bloggers are leaders in their field and their inspiration reverberates through the community.

For 2018, we are dedicating this award to Kate Sutton, who blogged at Wit Wit Woo and supported and inspired so many others in the community. Share the support with the hashtag #BeMoreWitWitWoo.

Social Media

It’s not just about blogging. Think of your entire social media footprint: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, Pinterest with a little Vine thrown in for good measure. Heck, you may not even have a blog, but the Internet knows who you are.


These blogs are a feast for the eyes, with their arresting images. The bloggers who create them combine classic photography skills with an eye for creativity and an interest in harnessing the latest photo blogging tools. Whether they focus on educating other bloggers in taking better pictures or simply creating gorgeous pictures for their own blog, their work prompst us to appreciate the beauty of photography.


These bloggers harness the power of video and marry it with compelling viewpoints, informative how-tos or just compulsively watchable clips. At their heart, vloggers are real people having a chat with you.


Family travel blogging runs the gamut from round-the-world travelogues to just-down-the-road outings. Blogs in this category are passionate about travel and discovery and it shows, via pictures, evocative descriptions and a realistic perspective of travelling with kids.

Beauty & Fashion

This is for all you fashion and beauty lovers. To paraphrase Coco Chanel, a fashion blogger’s site should be two things: classy and fabulous. Bloggers in this category are both. Being a parent adds an interesting dimension to fashion and beauty coverage – combining a world view with a catwalk view.

Art, Craft & Design

These blogs have an artistic flair, craft focus or excel in home design…or perhaps all three. Whether they stitch, glue, style or sew, they show us how to make everyday living that much more beautiful. We marvel at the creativity of these bloggers and — along with our crafty kids — are grateful recipients of their expertise and knowledge.

Family & Lifestyle

These blogs might share the laughter and tears of bringing up kids, inspire us to live better, or expose the (ahem) challenges of being a parent. They are frank, often beautiful to look at it, and celebrate family life and the parenting lifestyle.

Readers’ Choice

Sometimes there are blogs that don’t fit into any one category but we simply adore them. For the first time the BiBs have introduced a Readers’ Choice category, perfect for those blogs that are among our favourites but defy categorization.

BritMums Choice

A Non-Voting Category
The BritMums Choice Award highlights a blogger who may not fit neatly into the other categories but ticks all the boxes, breaks boundaries and just overall rocks! It’s an opportunity to highlight someone who embodies our best ideals for blogging and the BritMums community.


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