Best UK blog awards: BiBs 2019 Award Categories

BritMums, the UK’s original Parenting Influencer Network, every year celebrates the best and brightest Parent Lifestyle Bloggers and Influencers in our Brilliance in Blogging Awards – the BiBs! Last year more than 215,000 nominations and votes were cast – making it the of the UK’s most popular blogger awards. 

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#BiBs2019 categories

Find the one that best fits your blog and social media.

Fresh Voice: The Fresh Voice category is for blogs under 18 months old or recently relaunched. It honours a new Content Creator who is making their mark in the blogging and social media world. 

Food: From sweet to savoury, side dishes to main meals, this blog makes our mouth water with recipes, photography, tips and tricks.

Inspire: With these Content Creators, it’s all about heart. Their content, voice, infectious enthusiasm encourages, inspires and motivates everyone around them, whether they are talking about a charitable cause, personal challenges or simply rising to the demands of daily life. These bloggers are leaders in their field and their inspiration reverberates through the community.

Best of Pinterest: This individual has Pinterest covered. They have dedicated audience and a fresh feed of interesting and engaging pins.

Best of Instagram: Not only does this Instsgrammer have an inspiring, beautiful feed, they also captivate and inspire us with their thoughts. You know who they are — they’re at the top of your feed and keep us liking and commenting.

Best of Twitter: You know this personality on Twitter! They are always there, always on, and right in there with on-the-spot commentary.

Best of Stories: Either on Instagram or Facebook, this Influencer has a knack for stories — with personality, the use of still images and video, sound…whatever brings the story to life.

Best of Facebook: This person uses Facebook to the hilt, starting conversations, sharing content, featuring photos and videos and generally making their feeds a must-visit.

Video: Like your favourite TV show, these Influencers make for compulsive viewing. It could be live streaming on IG TV or Facebook, mini-movies or traditional piece to camera. With compelling viewpoints, informative how-to’s or just for a peek into their real lives, we are hooked on their narrative!

Photography: Beautiful photography, a creative eye and an ability to make the subject come to life. This category celebrates those who can tell a story with just one shot.

Best of Reviews: Beauty, travel, toys, gadgets, fashion – and anything else, this Content Creator is top of the field when it comes to reviewing products they love. They have a discerning eye, are transparent about gifted or loaned items and thrive on providing insight and advice to help all of us buy better.

Travel: The award for family travel blogging with a sense of adventure. Full of insider tips and authoritative advice, this category features bloggers whose knowledge could save you money or stress and get you ready for your all types of family trips.

Lifestyle: This category celebrates family life and the way we live now, whether you write about crafting, interiors, parenting, politics, culture or other aspects of modern life.

Readers’ Choice: For blogs that grab your attention and won’t let go, with great design, great writing, great images — the entire package. Chosen by the readers who fall in love with their favourites.

Best Campaign Creator: When it comes to commercial campaigns, some people have a knack for creating content that sings. This award is for those who take part in BritMums campaigns, singling out an individual whose enthusiasm and motivation leads to awesome results. (Note: This is a non-voting category.)

BritMums’ Choice: The BritMums Choice Award highlights a blogger who may not fit neatly into the other categories but ticks all the boxes, breaks boundaries and just overall rocks! It’s an opportunity to highlight someone who embodies our best ideals for content creation and the BritMums community. (Note: This is a non-voting category.)


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