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MBPWWell, here we are – my last week hosting #MBPW before handing you back to the very fabulous Mari.  Thank you all so much for having me and for joining in so brilliantly.  You have made me laugh, moved me and widened my blogging horizons, which can never be a bad thing and I hope some of us continue to stay in touch 

Please link up your best post of the week below and continue the community spirit!  I’ve written about exactly that this week over at mine – how we used to always reciprocate comments and how quickly that can build meaningful relationships. I’ve asked whether you think that kind of thing is past its sell by date now, so please feel free to add your tuppence worth ( a saying that definitely is!).  I’m interested to know if you also feel like a Bad Blogger if you haven’t done your bit, but, essentially, it’s each to their own.

Here are my favourite posts linked up from last week.  I hope you enjoy them.  See you soon!

Best Dad Finally Find Longer Lasting Erections. @BestDadICanBe

The First Supper – An Incredible Story. @pinkfizzmum

Life as a Working Mama – Can Women Have it All? @TashaBatsford

Celebrating National Picnic Week  @EChanagasubbay

The Final Weeks in Reception Class @stressymummy

10 Signs the Kids are back from Uni. @IzzieAnderton

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  1. 25 June 2015 / 07:24

    Thanks for having me, I’ve linked up with my BritMums Live post x