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MBPWI am so in the festive mood right now I could explode into a shower of glitter and fairy dust. We had our school Christmas play this week and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye as I watch my little ones sing, clap and just be so cute. We didn’t get major roles, we never do but I can assure you they were the best elves out there.

Isn’t that what we all think?

Of course the whole class were brilliant but a mother’s heart beats for her own.

Let’s not even go down the tech route this week, nope I am staying well clear of it as in, it all still needs doing but I cannot find the time to start.

Talking of time, I shall be glad when the holidays start and I can start ticking off all the other projects on my list that aren’t work related but need doing; sort out 2014 photos for example. A friend of mine lost her entire photography hard drive this week and nothing could bring it back, please make sure you have all of yours backed up and re backed up, to lose those precious early day moments would be soul destroying.

My Best Post of The week has to be our account of the new Disney Tinkerbell and the Legend of The Neverbeast. We went to see it last weekend in Leicester Square for BritMums and it was fabulous, the girls LOVED it and I really enjoyed it too. I think it’s the sign of an excellent film when an animation film touches the parent as much as the child. I had tears in my eyes I tell you.

Read more BritMums reviews on our special Disney Tinkerbell post

Jen has a great post on New York Street Art. I’ve always looked in awe at street art and would never have had the guts to do any myself but boy some of it is so good.

Kate is all about Home Education this week, Christmas biscuits and snow very inspiring and so easy to do.

Your turn. Choose your #MBPW from the past week and add it to the Linky below, show the world what you’re up to. Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week

Mari x

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