Beauty Round-up: July Melancholy

beauty roundup blog postsJuly always feels quite melancholic to me. I am not sure if it’s because of the holidays or because of the summer showers but something makes me love and feel in love, every single july. I love a good walk after a summer rain even if it’s still slightly raining I don’t mind it, walking around in the summer breeze while drops of rain stick to your face is just lovely.

You should all try it as it’s good for your soul and for your health.

Nowadays I am going for walks with my eldest but they haven’t lose the charm they had when I was walking by myself.

But going back to the purpose of this post let’s have a look at the Beauty posts that our lovely bloggers wrote this passing month.

As we couldn’t go through summer without perfect eyebrows Kizzy on one of her latest blog posts over on The Go To Mum is teaching us how to achieve perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows are always a challenge for me as I find the whole process of plucking really really painful! I have really bushy and strong haired eyebrows and I must confess I have only plucked my own a couple of times. Plus I don’t do it very often either which is where I am wrong as Kizzy says, eyebrows frame the face so you should always look after them.

Going from the eyebrows straight to the body – we have Tanya over at Mummy Barrow telling us all about her claim against the manufacturer  Blissworld Spa and the product called “Fat Girl Slim” that apparently could give you a six-pack. Outrageous! How can a cream give you a six pack? I am sure that some teenagers might actually believe it.  You can read in her post that because of her complaint to ASA Blissworld now needs to make it clear to all buyers that this is not a product for weight loss.  Well done T! And this is an alarm sign for us all – Don’t buy a product just because of the name!

On the same note over on Mum’s The Word is telling us about her disappointing experience with Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Nail Polish – more of a super not-stay-while-you-shower design rather than what they promise with the name of the polish. Disappointed to hear about her experience and that Maybelline is still testing on animals, definitely a brand to cut off my future shopping list.

Lisa over at 40’s Chic is telling us all about the new product she is reviewing Aqua Manda – a perfume that reminds her of the 70’s. I had never heard of this perfume before as I was born in the 80’s but it sounds like a nice one.

Carrie L at Time to be an adult is reviewing Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. She received the product in her Birchbox which by the looks of it is definitely worth buying.  It looks like for Carrie’s skin the product was definitely the right choice too!

Next Liz is reviewing Muse of London  salon and she tells us all how impressed she was of the nano keratin blow dry. Never tried it myself as I have never had problems with fizzy hair but she says its the thing to do!

As a mum of two little girls that love everything girly from sparkly clothes to nail varnishes I was really happy to see a review for a new product to me – Snails and Little Bu. And of course you can read the whole review over at Sophia’s Choice. By the look of the pictures Sophia and her girls had some great fun doing it. And why not if the product doesn’t harm your child?

And that is all for this month lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed the July Round-up and that you will pop over to the above blogs and say hi.  If you blog about beauty then don’t forget to drop me a line or just link up your post below.

Don’t forget beauty comes from within so if you are happy you will be more beautiful too!

See you in August!

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