Announcing the BritMums Live 2015 Butterflies!

They say when the Butterflies are announced, you know the Britmums Live conference is just around the corner!  

This year we have a shorter schedule but we’ll be around to say a friendly hello at the start of each day. So rock up, because we can’t wait to meet you!  Meet us during registration on Friday and the first break of each day — or at any other point where it will be our pleasure to help soothe any nerves.  We appreciate that BritMums Live is a very powerful place to be! 

Some faces will be familiar, others are new to the crew, so let me introduce those three first then remind you of the rest:

ceri ginger warriorCeri Davies a.k.a. The Ginger Warrior made a big impact last year with her awesome video capturing the action and is intent on doing the same this year.  She’s a Spanish and French teacher by trade and in the evenings it comes as little surprise to learn that she ‘gets hot and sweaty giving Zumba classes.’


The lovely Monika, otherwise known as Mum on the Brink flits around like a butterfly at most blogger events and is easily recognised due to her big, warm smile.  Her claim to BritMums Live fame is having attended in 2012 with a 10 day old baby!  She is at her happiest ‘in denims and without make up.’   


Jacinta has been writing about family fun at Jacintaz3 since 2013 and says she is totally addicted to blogging.  She loves the social element of BritMums Live and this will be her third year.  She’s ‘thrilled to be a new Butterfly,’ writes poetry in her spare time and loves reading as well as playing the piano.

clare anderson 2015

Clare Anderson is our longest serving one – now on her fourth year but refusing to wear the wings she’s famous for.  In a rare weekend off the golf course she’ll around to offer free hugs to anyone that needs them whilst ‘trying to rediscover some blogging inspiration.’   


Liska, blogging at New Mum Online for five years is also a veteran of events such as these and her write ups and videos of them are legendary.  She can always be found on Facebook and Twitter to chat to and has made a lovely little vlog introducing herself.    

sarah miles

Sarah Miles from Hello Wall was one of the first people I ever met at BritMums Live and it has been a pleasure to watch her writing grow.  She now runs Paper Swans Press, a small independent publisher of poetry and flash fiction and, thankfully for the rest of us, retains her mild addiction to Twitter.

jenny soppet smith

Jenny has been blogging at Cheetahs In My Shoes for nearly 4 years.  Over that time she’s gone from being a nervous writer to an award winning photographer.  She writes about health, photography, family life, ethics and anything else that happens to come along.  Away from blogging she runs her own business and a Guide Unit.


Ericka Waller, AKA, Mum in the South won the 2013 BiB Award for Family blogger and had her first book, Confessions of a Mother Inferior, published last year.  You can read her story about how she managed this via attending BritMums Live HERE.  When she is not chasing round after her three kids, she can be found on the beach with her dog.


Finally, there’s little old me, but I’m a bit touchy about the ‘old’ bit if you don’t mind please.  I am extra excited to be attending this year, not only because I’m a ‘Butterfly’ again, but also because my blog has made it into the final five of the Best Writer category in the Bibs.  I’ll be the one with the bruises on my arms from pinching myself.

As you can see, we’re all friendly faces and we’re more than willing for you to approach us for some reassurance should the conference become a little overwhelming at any point.  It’s very busy and we’ve all been new, so appreciate how you might feel.  Even some of the speakers lean on us from time to time, so you won’t be alone!

Please come and say hello, pick our brains about the amazing Agenda – which, incidentally, this year, includes an unofficial Instagramming Walk for anyone who fancies it prior to the event – or generally just come and have a natter. You can check out my top tips for how to get the most out of BritMums Live  from last year and we will see you soon, because what they is true – it really is just around the corner! 

See the entire schedule for BritMums Live 2015

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About Anya Harris

Anya is a part time blogger and would be full time writer. She blogs at Older Single Mum and at The Healer, is admittedly ancient and belatedly blessed with two young boys. Her background is evenly divided between being a Money Broker in London’s Money Markets and working in the Healing Arts. Having straddled these two worlds and now finding herself immersed in the parenting one, she chats about anything that will make us laugh, including her Foreign Language Students, from whom she’ll also pinch and share a recipe when we’re lucky. She welcomes a ‘Hello’ on Twitter at @anyaharris01.


  1. 31 May 2015 / 18:36

    WHAT a fab post. Proud to be in the crew x

    • 31 May 2015 / 18:50

      Thank you Liska – proud to be working with you (all) again X

  2. 31 May 2015 / 19:17

    Very happy to be in the crew again! I don’t blog so much any more but have lots to share about writing and dipping your toe a little bit further! Come and chat!

    • 31 May 2015 / 20:18

      Sarah – you are a font of wisdom and I hope people do ask you about publishing. Lovely to have you on board again XXX

    • 01 June 2015 / 11:16

      Same here Mich xx

  3. 01 June 2015 / 00:00

    A lovely write up, thanks Anya.

    See you all in 3 weeks! xxx

    • 01 June 2015 / 11:16

      Thanks Ceri. It’ll be here before we know it! xx

  4. 01 June 2015 / 15:02

    What is Claire Anderson’s blog?. I can’t believe that Erica Waller will be there. I read some of her book on publishers’ website when it was looking for funding. She is amazing. Thank you for helping us newbies.

  5. 17 June 2015 / 09:43

    I look forward to seeing you Anya (a last minute change of plans means I’m coming Friday evening!)