7 quick start tips for giving the Xbox Series S for Christmas

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The compact, elegant Xbox Series S console is a great present for budding gamers, including beginners and those looking to play next generation games. Our quick start guide makes it easier to give (and get started with) this cool new console. It’s all digital and is an affordable step-down from the super-powerful Series X yet shares a lot of its traits. (See our Xbox Series S unboxing video and post to learn more about the console and its benefits.)

To make giving (and getting) the new console even more fun in your home, check out our top tips (and real-world Xbox Series S Quick Start guide) that will have your family up and playing it quickly.

Xbox Series S: 7 essential tips for getting started quickly

1. Sign up for your Xbox account

You’ll need this for signing in on your new Xbox and we found it easier to manage our purchases and our account on the laptop.

2. Spend time prepping the hardware

If you want a big exciting unveiling followed immediately by fun gameplay, it’s a good idea to unbox, plug in and download games beforehand. Set up is quite easy and you’re guided through with an app, but games take time (sometime hours) to download.

3. Familiarise yourself with the games available

There are so many options, with lots of free games and premium games that have backwards compatibility.

Memory on the Xbox Series S is hefty but not unlimited. It’s all-digital – all games are downloaded rather than inserting disks. Of course you can uninstall to add new games if you run out of memory but it can be a time-consuming process, so it’s a good idea to choose ones you and your family really want from the start.

4. Buy an extra controller

One controller comes with the console. Buying an extra one allows you to do local multiplayer games (playing in splitscreen on the same console) and we love this one. It’s slightly smaller, has a pleasing nubby texture on the handles and is comfortable for smaller hands, like children and women. https://couchcoopfavorites.com/xbox-series-x-s

5. Schedule in time to learn the controller and the games

If you’re new to gaming like us, you’ll find them impressive…and sometimes baffling. It takes a while to learn which button and toggle does what and each game is different. In our test, the teenager picked it up quickly, the grown-up a little more slowly. If that means you have to play on your own after the kids are in bed, well, so be it!

6. Decide if you’re going to allow online gaming with others

For many people, this is a big part of the fun. However, parents might be leery of who their child is spending time with online. Make the decision beforehand and talk to kids about the rules from the start.

7. Integrate your console with Microsoft 365 Family

By linking your children’s accounts to yours, you get transparency on whether they’re purchasing things online and what they are buying. You can set limits and control who they are interacting with online via Xbox too. Discover 11 ways to use Microsoft 365 to manage your family’s tech life.

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