6 Things I’ve learnt at GO! Organic Festival

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A little while ago Britmums invited us to visit GO! Organic Festival. We were given a family ticket for the purpose of this review.


So here are the things we’ve learnt from GO! Organic Festival:


1. Tickets lasted for the whole weekend! Saturday and Sunday! 

I thought this is such great value, and yes, we took full advantage of this and came back on Sunday too! I’m so glad there were so much to see – visiting only for one day is merely not enough! Even so, I still didn’t managed to cover it all in two days, but I tried my best!


2. There is a variety of entertainment for adults and kids.

I’d like to mention that – this is not your average food festival where there are stalls after stalls, and rows after rows of food, food, food. Here there were live music, workshops and kids entertainments too! This is just my kind of event I like to go to. It’s very family friendly. Here, I can take my kids and partake of the entertainments until their hearts content. The ferris wheel and the Merry-Go-Round was free of charge. Plus, there is a huge climbing tree. Ethan was there for ages before coming down and decided to join Evelyn with a free potatoes printing session with Abel & Cole. 

Nevertheless, I kind of underestimated how much there was to do before we arrived and we ended up a little too tired before the day ended. So on Sunday, we went straight to the festival, bypassing the playground we went in on Saturday, and had our days filled with GO! Organic Festival’s entertainments.


3. Lots and lots of discounts! 

On Sunday, we took our time to do a bit of walking around this time. We visited the Equinox Kombucha stall and had a smoothie. Evelyn didn’t like the fizzy taste but Ethan loves it! We bought two bottles home and were also given two bottles for free! How could I say no!

The Himalayan Pine Nuts spreads stall seem to have a thumb up for Ethan as he was there quite sometime tasting the spread. Evelyn refused at first but then saw Ethan statute in station so she also had a try. It turned out she loves it too! We then bought one of each spread home at a discount price.


Go! Organic 2
4. Lots and lots of freebies!

On Saturday, as we approached the venue, the kids excitedly took hold of the map. Straightaway they wanted to go on the ferris wheel which we could see far away from the distance as we approached. As we promised the kids, we then joined the queue. We hadn’t have to wait too long, only about 5 minutes or so. Whilst we were waiting, on opposite side, I saw the Verivalbio Cereal stall. Ethan instantly wanted to try some and I also took some over for the rest of our crew to try. Our conclusion was we all liked the tasty chocolate muesli cereal, whilst Ethan has two bowls of that already, plus a bowl of the fruity selection too! This boy is getting more healthier than me!


Upon the ferris wheel, the kids were entertained by the height from the horizon views above with their little screams as the wheel got faster here and there. Once we’d rotated, we touched down and the kids were soon running around trying to catch some giant bubbles created by the Bubbles Man/Woman. During their snatching games, I visited the nearby Babybel Organic stall. Evelyn loves these little babies – just as well they were giving some away. These are great for packed lunches too! 


At the Honest Organic area, here – the kids got tasting some juicy juices. Ethan questioned what kind of fruits were they made out of, which is really intriguing as it show that he has some kind of awareness what he is actually drinking. He said he loves the berries juice best and not juices from the boring apples or pears. Trust him to be so exotic! lol! We then moved on to make some paper baskets and crowns. These are made from the juices’ cartons, and they were given some fruits for us to take home in our baskets too! Nearby, we could hear some furry four legged friends squealing and grunting. The kids were wildly petting the animals there for quite some time.


We headed to the indoor arena, though just before we went inside we were encouraged to fill in a short questionnaire asking us such questions as: What we think Organic means to us? Where do we purchase these from, and how organic could be better? Thereafter we were offered to take home some more organic fruits. The kids really enjoyed choosing their fruits and this was perfect for their snacks on our way back home.  We also had a little swinging fun at the organicuk photo booth, where you can take selfies and an email of a little gif will be sent to you as a souvenir. How cool is this!


5. Organic Ice Cream is a must!

What can I say? These Luscious Organics ice cream were lush! One of the most yummiest and cleanest ice cream I have ever had in a while.


6. Don’t give the Indoor Arena a miss! 

Honestly, the Indoor Arena was packed, absolutely full of people. Some stalls can accommodate kids entertainment really well and others did not due to the crowds. 

Despite a little disappointment here, the kids manages to get their face painted for free and, I thought, Crazy Jack Organic has accommodated children very well into their pitch with simple bean bags game throw into a tree hole. It’s so simple! And of-course the kids got their free tasting apricots prizes, a colouring sheet and word search too!

Tea lovers, you are not left out! I’ve found that Pukka Tea stall had a great discount on their bags package too!

There was a seminar going on as well, but the kids were more interested in pulling out the hay from the haystack than anything and I’ve decided to move on.

Have you heard of Neat Organic before? They were virtually giving away half a week’s worth of organic vegetables. It was nice to know that there are plenty of organic options out there.

At Fish4ever stall, Ethan has a taste of this first, then Evelyn (which she was reluctant at first), then I also had a taste too. It was super delicious! I would definitely recommend this. You know there’s lots of Omega 3 in fish which makes you clever – don’t you? (Well, that’s what I tell my kids anyway).

Go! Organic 3

To sum up:

This is not just another food or music festival. I can say this is also an educational one too. It got Ethan questioning where and how food is produced and processed. Whilst we were having ice cream, Ethan asked me “What does Organic mean?”. I must admit I stumbled at first but have tried to simplify it so that he could understand: Organic is when something is grown without nasty chemicals such as pesticides, so that you are sure to be eating good healthy food. 

GO! Organic Festival has surprised me when Evelyn is at an age of fussy eating but through food tasting atmosphere, she is open to giving everything a try. It doesn’t matter if she does or does not like the food after she has tasted – the point being that she has given it a try. I’m hoping this will open a new pallet for her to trying more new food fusion and won’t be too reluctant to try new things.

Thank you again Britmums and GO! Organic Festival for inviting us. We had such fun two days. We look forward to next year festival again. Let the sunshine be on our side!


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