40 top tips for helping baby sleep

Every parent has their tried-and-tested tricks to help guarantee a restful slumber for baby, and a good night for baby translates into restful, less stressful nights (and days) for parents too.

We asked for your pearls of wisdom at our recent #babysleep Twitter party. The #babysleep party was sponsored by Pampers. Pampers Baby-Dry nappies contain Micro Pearls™ that can absorb up to 30 times their weight, locking in liquid better than ordinary nappies and offer up to 12 hours of dryness, giving babies the sleep they need to wake up giggling.


ultimate baby music

@anitathetweeter shares her white noise


I try not to talk to baby in the night if she wakes, as hard as it is! @HayleyChall

My #babysleep tip is not to be too quiet! From day1 we had tv/music/hoover etc. on. Even now aged 2 she’d sleep through anything 🙂 @mineandmeblog

Here’s my #BabySleep tip: white noise played as loud as a jump jet landing on your roof. Seriously, it works https://t.co/5s7nBDqlpJ @anitathetweeter

A gentle touch soothes

If they’re on their front, pat their bum. Like a magic touch! @bumpbabyme

I would sing gently to my children and circle their nose eyes and cheeks with my finger. Always got them to sleep @JonesPlainjan

All three of mine always fell asleep nursing – never had any issues transitioning to falling asleep 🙂

Warm and cosy

Mummy_central tweets baby sleeping tips

@Mummy_Central swears by the baby sleeping bag

Blake would happily sit watching morning cartoons in his sleeping bag. It was like a home from home http://t.co/ccfIDuQ84G @Mummy_Central

Babies don’t like cold sheets. Use a hot water bottle to warm their bottom sheet a minute or two before bed. @mellypopss

Remember those cute little star bursts they’d do if they weren’t swaddled and wake themselves up?

Baby sleeping bags were our must-have item, to make sure the boys never woke up cold because they’d kicked off the covers @Mummy_Central

Amy would always wake up in the Moses basket. Then I realised it’s much colder than my body and lined it with a warmish blanket @caro_mad

Cosy cotton clothes/baby grows are essential. They regulate body temperature and allow the skin to breathe. Comfort is key @louiseocarroll

@angep1969 baby sleeping picture

@angep1969 catches a quiet moment


We found a dark room helped our boys or they thought “the suns awake, so I’m awake!”

Also turn off TV a good 30 minutes before bedtime if it’s not bath night. Helps them wind down @iheartmuthahood

We wake our LO when we go to bed, feed him, change him, have a quiet play, not too stimulating. Then he sleeps longer @kiara_foley

Help your baby learn the difference between day and night: have lively daytime feeds, but keep it quiet and dark at night @caro_mad

My #babysleep tip is to sort out the daytime naps and the night time takes care of itself. Thank you so much to the lady who told me! @WShippam

We have 1 hour cap on nap for my 2 year old after her nursery advised me. Seems to have helped a bit, but not much! @Julestar1234

We sang same song to them every night before final cuddle “Hush Little Baby” we only stopped when they were about 6! @KiddyCharts

Always look out for the baby tired cues such as rubbing the eyes and act on them before the over tired meltdown kicks in @sidspecial

I agree, routine – the 3 b’s (bath, boob, bed) is a vital part of our evening as it helps predict what’s coming @East_Devon_Mum

A good routine! I learnt the hard way that a rested baby sleeps much better than an exhausted one

Nobody can sleep if they are hungry. Babies included. Milk often resettles.

Music and lullabies

Over the rainbow and Ellie Goulding’s version of Your Song were my go to lullabies @CarlaRTOATSblog

We played rock-a-bye baby CDs as my hubby loves the originals! Now tot loves too. @mamasVIB

We quite liked lullabies around the world from Putumayo music @smilinglikesuns

We used a mobile with gentle music and a light show and it really helped to soothe Amy @caro_mad

The songs that lull them to sleep

I think the concept of singing is underestimated. I sang to both of mine. It just helped them to ‘enjoy’ sleep time @CarlaRTOATSblog

Tends to be Row Row Your Boat! I forget every other when it comes to bed time somehow! @HayleyChall1

What song do you sing to help your #babysleep? I sing “My little buttercup” from the movie “Three Amigos” a lot @calmamama

I sang over and over Twinkle Twinkle and still get requests from my toddler now for it! ⭐️⭐️ sends her right off! @mamasVIB

Books and sleep training

Anyone else tried any form of ‘sleep training’? We did it with both and found it worked after a max of 3 days @suburb4nmum

Had ‘side car’ cot next to our bed when co-sleeping meant we could all sleep but baby still have space (and get used to cot) @mamasVIB

I actually followed the basics of Gina Ford’s sleep book @kathwineoclock

I have found with baby 3 putting them down awake to learn to fall asleep on own when young works wonders @nefamilylife

How relaxation helps

I was more laidback with 2nd and he literally sleeps anywhere now! http://t.co/wux6MEkFX2 @suburbanmum

I also hung hankies, with lavender oil on around his room, very relaxing, and, worked a treat! @madmazzy

I found a comfortable nursing chair useful as well. I relaxed in that chair and Joe seemed to sense this and he relaxed too. @fashion_mommyWM

Last words

Social Media at 4am can be so supportive. @KiddyCharts

Always love them most when they’re asleep 😉 Even if they don’t want a photo lol http://t.co/0AlNA0OClU @angep1969


Homepage image: Courtesy of @angep1969

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