39 delicious ways to eat Bramley apples

Duck breast with Bramley Apple sauce and sage

Valentine Warner’s Crispy Duck Breast and Bramley Apple Sauce with Sage

Bramley apples encapsulate so much about what we love about food: They’re delicious and tangy, they’re versatile and go with a wide variety of spices and herbs, they are truly British, only grown commercially in the UK, and they’re seasonal so you know you’re getting them at the height of their deliciousness (and when they’re gone, they’re gone).

Right now is the time to get them — Bramley Apple Week, 2-8 February. We held the #BramleyApples Twitter party, sponsored by Bramley Apples, to celebrate and highlight all the delicious ways to cook with Bramleys. As a cooking apple it maintains its flavour and tang, reducing the need to use a lot of sugar, which ends up producing a healthier dish, whether starter, main or pudding.

TV chef Valentine Warner and herb expert Jekka McVicar have created recipes that combine Bramley apples with herbs and spices producing delicious dishes. You can find recipes and more at www.bramleyapples.co.uk and you can follow Bramley apples on Facebook for more updates.

Here are the favourite dishes of British parents, all shared during the party:

Apple tart picture by @quibelleSLK on Twitter

Healthy eating with Bramleys

Love to make Potato, Bramley Apple, Herb And Tuna Frittata, so delicious and healthy – tasty apple gives bite @JennyWren3

I am currently dieting and you can’t beat Bramleys stuffed with sultanas and honey sprinkled with cinnamon and baked @juliehazell2

Got to spread the good news there is such a thing as diet cheesecake with #BramleyApples! @businessmun

I bake apples with rice malt syrup, since I am on a sugar free diet. Honey if not on the diet. @MaryHawkes

I absolutely love #BramleyApples because they’re fat free with no added sugar, high in fibre and sodium/salt free, a true Superfood! @inverleny

All this #BramleyApples talk in my timeline reminds me I must make some parsnip and apple soup…mmmm @tattooed_mummy

Bramley Apples are good in green smoothies – I like mine with kiwi, spinach and apple juice 🙂 Very refreshing <3 @pipersky1

Classic Bramley apple tart, crumble and pudding ideas

You grab grab the knife http://t.co/rio6wp8Jas @QuiBelleSLK

My favourite is to make a Bramley apple crumble but use 1/2 crumble 1/2 flapjack on
top. Serve hot with custard @my30wishes

Happy memories of childhood pudding #BramleyApples stuffed with chopped dates little brown sugar & a knob of butter on top baked! @Over_A_Cuppa

Apple Dumplings like my mum used to make simple and tasty- pastry, bramley apples, cinnamon, sugar and syrup @JonatheMona

Another favourite with #BramleyApples is hand pies – just so incredibly YUM http://t.co/qtlffT6bpS

Bramley apple hand pies by Lucy @Supergolden88

Other sweet treats with Bramley Apples

Chop 3 #BramleyApples, mix in cup of sugar and flour, a teaspoon of baking soda, lemon juice and cinnamon, cook @ 200C for 50 minutes, Bramley perfection! @inverleny

Toffee Apple Cheesecake made with #BramleyApples on the blog today! #recipe #slimmingworld friendly http://t.co/wQb2EAswOE @businessmum

Fold grated Bramley apples into a basic sponge cake. It comes out light, moist and delish x @debbieskerten

A bit of romance on Valentine’s day, gently fry #BramleyApples in butter and sugar. Use as filling in Crepes and on top add caramel @debbieskerten

My favourite recipe is apple flapjacks! Easy to make and very delicious! x @KatiePrentice2

We dry #BramleyApples rings, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Store in jar for the inevitable “I’m hungry” from children. @CherylInTheUK

My take on #bramleyapples is to make a biscuit base, add caramel sauce (I like to boil tin of condensed milk) pile on stewed apple 🙂 @sparky61

Savoury apple, bacon & cheese tart on Jessie's Kitchen

Savoury Bramley Apples recipes ideas

Stuffed with sausage meat, garlic, chopped onions and fresh herbs and baked for a yummy side dish to pork @Over_A_Cuppa

[The party] reminds me of a soup recipe! Sweet potato, apple and ginger – sounds unusual but it works. @StarCatch3r

Gammon steak with sweet potato chips and homemade applesauce. heaven on a plate. @kiwi700

If you fancy something savoury, then try these apple, bacon & cheese tarts @Jessies_Kitchen

Add #BramleyApples to Beef stew, with spring of rosemary. It’s so tasty and nutritious. @libra10001

Love @StarCatch3r ’s idea: pork and apple meatballs with tomato pasta or cheese sauce @BritMums

Pork and apple burgers, grated apple, pork mince, breadcrumbs, dried herbs and egg – plus make quick apple sauce @StarCatch3r

Grate apples into your meatballs to add fruit to your diet. @kiwi7001

Jo Pratt’s Bramley Apple, Potato and Ham Rösti sounds delicious! @Abipotimous

Mix puree in with sausage meat the make sausage shapes and encase in puff pastry for yummy sausage rolls @Raindaisy5

Pork chops cooked in apple juice then topped with apple sauce, grated cheese and breadcrumbs just before grilling. @HelenBroddle

Novel ways of cooking with Bramley apples

baked Bramley Apples how-to video

Baked #BramleyApples make a perfect pudding or simple supper, follow the step-by-step video here:

I love making Bramley apple curd – it is incredibly addictive! #BramleyApples http://t.co/M7efvzkYoy

I add some chopped up #BramleyApples to a curry, to give that little bit extra goodness to my 4 year olds meal @JanTweetTweets

One of my favourite soup recipes is beetroot and Bramley apples with soured cream and dill @groundrootsjay

I saute apple with onions and add to melted Camembert, sort of a relish. @sidsspecial

Get 2 #BramleyApples, peel, chop put in a microwaveable bowl with raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon. A few minutes in the microwave and yum! @gill_81uk

Freeze #BramleyApples puree in ice cube trays. Add a cube or 2 to spicy food to tame it if children find food too spicy hot. @CherylIntheUK

Bramley apples are perfect for these tasty treats. http://t.co/7Ai7bLGiTM @BlueBearWood

The last word

Loving all the #BramleyApples recipes. I thought I had a few. (Big Bramley tree in our garden) http://t.co/KMLQMA5mnH @CherylintheUK

CherylintheUK bramley apples

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