40 tips for Valentines Day from parent bloggers

Valentines present ideasValentines Day is next week! Looking for some ideas for presents and plans?

We asked parent bloggers at our #Love4Good Twitter party, hosted by Give as you Live, to share the presents and plans they have loved in the past and plan for in the future–with a few ideas of things they would like thrown in (hint, hint)!

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So, pen and notepad ready? Here’s some ideas to inspire you (and your partner) this year:

Personalised presents—the thought really does count

1. Personalise whatever you do for the other person, even the small details count. @Sarah_Ly1

2. Sounds corny but I make a collage of the kids (& my) pictures from the year and give that as a present. @Mummiafelice

3. I like to receive something that is special to us i.e. bulbs for the garden as they bloom a lot longer than cut flowers. @Goriami

4. OH gave me a mop one year – thing is I really wanted a new mop! The thought was there so I was happy! @Staffstechgirl

5. Always find it too hard finding a gift for my OH so it’s usually a DVD or game, this year though it’s an engraved watch 😀 x @Emmajones84

Valentines Day can also be a family event

6. Family film & then dinner for 3 once the kids are in bed this year x that’s perfect for me. @V82CHRIS

7. Nothing wrong with spending Valentines as a family either, we’ll probably have dinner and film night 🙂 @Liveotherwise

Food and wine are high on most people’s lists

8. I plan to cook a nice meal for my hubby… Much nicer and more personal imo. @Mummiafelice

9. We don’t do presents or cards but he might get a nicer than normal tea. @Suburban1mummy

10. I have to confess that if Mr G wanted to buy me some champagne truffles I would not be adverse to the idea. @Goriami

11. I’ll have a nice bottle of wine on ice for when Mr G gets home with a special dinner… takeaway…no washing up! @Goriami

12. Sharing food is lovely whether a cheeseboard, a fondue or whatever… leaving whatever to the imagination! @Kateonthinice

13. All this #Love4Good makes me want to bake our shortbread & choc hearts again & get my son to take them into nursery! @RedTedArt

14. We stay at home and spend ££ on nice deli stuff and wine. @MuddlingAlong

15. My Valentines tip: use a heart cookie cutter on American style pancakes to make a fab Valentines breakfast! @ThrinH

16. Two years ago DH made me dinner at home as I got home an hour earlier with our newborn. Best meal ever. @Domesticgoddesq

17. I’m going to bake with our two gorgeous boys some heart cupcakes for hubby/daddy xx @KJaybaby

18. Your loved one’s time and a bottle of wine is the best Valentines gift. @Emmaburgham

Traditional is a sure bet

19. A lovely bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates 😀 then a romantic meal when the kids r in bed x @emmajones84

20. DH not hugely romantic but the cards that I get always make me sob with love. Don’t need anything else. @Domesticgoddesq

21. I always get choccies! I guess he’s consistent. @AModernMother

22. Breakfast in bed is always a winner. On a tray with a red rose! @Sebsmummy

Cute and fun ideas

23. Heart shaped mini sparklers are fab in cupcakes or your dessert 🙂 @ThrinH

24. Love getting the kids involved and we send Valentines cards to grandparents too or bring friends cakes. @RedTedArt

25. Two fingerprints make a perfect heart and a gorgeous Valentines card. @RedTedArt

26. Best valentines present was the year Mr totally forgot and I negotiated flowers every 14th for the rest of the year. @MuddlingAlong

27. On a serious note. Guys: Bake a cake. Chocolate obviously. @Kids_Lighting

28. Compile a playlist for your other half of all the songs that remind you of him and put it on his iPod. @Mummy_blogger

29. I made a CD of our favourite songs and left it in the car to start playing when he turned the car on! @Michelloui

30. I gave my hubby a single Rolo wrapped in gold foil and placed in a ring box with the words ‘could you love anyone enough’ on it. @MummyMatters

31. We’re not buying cards but writing a new message on last yrs x something to look back on x @KJaybaby

32. Most effective thing I did was kiss shaped stickers all over the bedroom wall with special memories written on them. @Kateonthinice

33. My daughter makes homemade cards for her father and I. There is lots of glitter, typically. @JHowze

Do something extra special

34. I will actually get out of bed before he does and make him a cuppa for a change. @Emmaand3

35. 1950’s housewife for a day (!) kids to be early, lip-sticked and dressed up to greet hubbie home from work, bubbly for dinner. @MrsW_DietDiary

36. We’ll be in Rome—but with the kids! So I’m writing him a love letter and we’ll have a bottle of wine when the kids are all asleep. @Mommy_grrl

37. The best Valentines gifts are those that keep on giving and are green/ecofriendly. How about a tree of love, a Quince tree? @Mummypreneur

38. I’m going to give my hubby’s poorly back a rub till he’s better. @Mummyratesit

39. Little one is spending the night at her grandparents so our present to each other is a good nights sleep! @love_bryony

40. The best Valentines ever was the first with DH, I had been dating DH for 6 weeks and he got me the necklace I then wore on our wedding day. @Domesticgoddesq

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