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11 signs you have a toddler on the school run

11 signs you have a toddler on the school run

The Summer holidays will soon be but a distant memory.  Soon we will be moaning about wet school runs and homework.

Doing the school run with a toddler in tow presents a whole new set of challenges.  It’s easy when they are babies and sit in their buggies being cooed at by everyone in the playground.  Sure they may loose a few thousand socks along the way, but at least they don’t care about the socks.  Because you really don’t want to cross a toddler who has lost their stick on the school run.

Anything can happen when you have a toddler on the school run. 

Sometimes they don’t want to walk in the direction of the school.  They want to go the other way.  Of course they demonstrate this by refusing to walk at all.  Sometimes they sit.  

Sometimes your older child will decide they have had enough of waiting for the toddler to resume walking, and dramatically announce that they are walking to school on their own, and off they flounce. You watch them storm off with your heart rate rising, until they go beyond the point you are comfortable with and are showing no signs of stopping. At this point you turn into shouty mum, demanding them to “stop right now,” and issuing threats which if you follow through with, make your life just as difficult as theirs.

Eventually they will stop, but only after the threat of no TV has turned into a promise.  The toddler will then decided to walk and when you catch up with the runaway one who is protesting loudly about their punishment. This is when they will tag team you.  Again.  The toddler will decide to start running, whilst the big one refuses point blank to move unless you allow them to watch TV.  As you chase after the toddler whilst looking back at the big one, you think to yourself, this is the exact reason why they say you need eyes in the back of your head.  

Or this will happen…

Britmums post image


So here are signs you have a toddler on the school run:


You have to leave the house 20 minutes earlier than normal to get to school on time to allow for the toddler to have multiple stops to rest / point at stuff/ refuse to move.


You repeat “watch where you are going” at least 20 times on the journey.


You accumulate a collection of leaves and sticks along the way.


You’ve had to wipe dog poo off someone’s shoe.  it wasn’t yours.


You have resorted to some form of bribery and negotiations in an effort to get the toddler to hurry up.


You have shouted at your kids because there is only so much patience and understanding one person can have.


You are sweaty because at one point the toddler decided to leg it and you had to follow.


You arrive at the school carrying school bags, lunch boxes, sticks, a scooter and the toddler.


You can’t have a conversation in the playground without your head spinning 360 degrees as you try and keep track of your crazed toddler running around the playground.


By the end of the school run it feels like it should be bedtime.


You are a frazzled mess!

It does get easier.  Eventually the toddler gets older and you get to leave them at the school.  Then of course you will miss the days of them being little and carrying their sticks.  

Do you have a toddler on the school run?

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