Working Parents Round-up: Crimbo chaos


working parents round up wahmChristmas is coming, the working parents are getting frantic, please to put a penny in the old man’s hat…that way he might agree to do all the Christmas shopping for you…

It’s a massively stress-y time for working parents; Christmas. What with trying to manage the workload, while also “just nipping out” to buy presents for teachers, family and friends, and queue at the post office for a millenium, its sometimes easy for life to feel like its running away from us, and Christmas passes by in a blur. Thankfully, this lovely Silent Sunday from Johnsons Babies is there to remind us all quite beautifully what its all about.

So Mum and Career gave a timely post on overcoming the stresses of Christmas; and I shall be taking note, don’t you worry. Family and autism has some similar sage advice concerning trying to get far too much done at Christmas, summing it all up with seven very sensible words. We would all do well to take note. Otherwise, we may find ourselves a bit like WitWitWoo this month and removing rotten pumpkins from our boot 😉 Romanian Mum has her hands full this Christmas for reasons outside of work, as she was a little busy giving birth, so welcome to the new addition in her household. Mums Moments stress at work was for an entirely different right royal reason!

Working parents always have a lot to fit in, that’s why the stress can get to us all sometimes, and Mothers Always Right has written a beautiful post this month about her start of the day as a working mum; this really makes you realise just how early some of us have to rise so we can manage to get everything done that we need.

If the Christmas chaos is still getting you down, Bizzy Mum might be able to help with some great ideas for presents for teachers. I still haven’t got mine yet, and I know I am cutting it fine.

We are trying to stave off the inevitable in our house at the moment, as eldest starts asking more and more questions about Santa. For example, on the Mummys Little Stars blog at the moment, we are trying to work out what on earth I do about Christmas now that my daughter is expecting a letter from Santa…what should I be putting in that I ask you? Somehow, its so much easier when the Tooth Fairy has to write back….

The chaos in our house has been further exacerbated by my being a bit laid up, as my post on Stickers, Stars and Smiles rather bluntly details; however, we are all still smiling through the madness. This post on my personal blog just proves that Christmas doesn’t get in the way of real life; it still has to go on around all the chaos, mistletoe and magic from the red man himself. Muddling Along is guesting on Mummy Whisperer this month too, and has asked for advice because she is having to make some hard decisions following the redundancy of her husband 6 months ago. Any thoughts and experience you have on this would help a great deal I am sure.

Finally, I couldn’t leave without trying to give a little help with a few Christmas ideas for your kids, and I found an excellent post in my travels this week with thoughts for 5 to 12 year old pressies *hands floor to notanottinghillmum*

If you have juggling posts of work and home leave them in the Linky below and let us all have a read

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