Why do women blog?

I had dinner last night with some NBFs (non blogging friends). In between talk of Simone de Beauvoir, Guides and the proper way to eat French cheese, we discussed blogging. My friends (French, if you hadn't already guessed) were intrigued as to why women were flocking to the Internet in such vast numbers.

As I sipped my Chardonnay, I tried to find the words to explain. It has to do with connection. Being heard. Validation. Plus it's fun and slightly addictive. Not sure they got it though.

Holly Buchanan who blogs at  What Women Really Want spent a year researching why women blog. The result was this video.  I'll let you watch it, it speaks for itself.


My favourite bits are:

"Friendships are born at the moment someone says, what you too? I thought I was the only one."

"There Internet has given women a voice and they are screaming their heads off."

"There's simply nothing more powerful than a room  of women sharing their true stories"

Why do you blog?


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