When is the ‘right’ time to start nursery?

This week, our video bloggers grapple with the thorny issue of when to send pre-schoolers to nursery… and even, should they send pre-schoolers to nursery.

With a bombardment of mixed messages in the mass media, this is an emotive and financial issue, as well as a purely practical one. 

Just today, reports have been on the news that being in daycare can raise children’s stress levels, but not everyone is in a position to choose not to work, and as Karin from Cafe Bebe notes some children, like her daughter Ella, love their time in day care and, if the family had their time over, she would start her sooner not later.

Erica from www.littlemummy.com is a stay at home mum and explains that it did not make financial sense for her to return to work and staying at home with daughter Erin was the right thing for them.

But both bloggers agree it is down to the individual and there are benefits to both approaches. Watch the video and tell us what you feel is the right age for a child to begin nursery.

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