Video Round-up for April & May

videoI hope you’ve all been getting your camcorders and smartphones out to record plenty of video! Whatever you like to shoot, if it’s suitable for a family audience then don’t forget to send your submissions to me each month to be included in this round-up of all things video!

Since the last video round-up Twitter have launched their live streaming Periscope app to compete with rival Meerkat. I anticipate that this development means that video and live streaming in particular will gain in popularity so if you aren’t currently producing video as a blogger, get in on it now before you are left behind!

My video entry to the round-up this month is an interview with a Dadpreneur. Check out this video where I interview Chris Holbrook from about his business and working from home. Plus I did a beauty vlog to share my tips for a ‘frizz eliminator’ blowdry! You can find other recent fashion and beauty vlogs at my YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe.

Jane from Practically Perfect Mums gave her 11 year old son the best birthday party of his life! Have a look here to see what they got up to – Jane says the video was a time-consuming production but I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it!

Chez Mummy Laura was also out with the family and her camcorder to shoot this fantastic day out at Legoland Florida! They went to America on their recent holiday where she also taped her highlights of Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure.

Lucy from Dear Beautiful has some very exciting news. I’ll let her share

Kate from WitWitWoo has visiting Brighton with her son. You can read all about it here and watch the accompanying video here. I love the ‘mum dancing’ in the car!!

Jen at JenJbBoutique recorded a body confidence video this month – watch along here.

Helen from Casa Costello has dipped her toe into the vlogging water with her first submission to the BritMums Video Round-up with this very quick tutorial on frosting piped roses. It is only 8 seconds long so do take a look and give her some encouragement!

Kirstie at The Family Adventure Project has just made a blog post offering tips for YouTubers. It is a fab post with lots of tips targeted at video makers. A must watch for all of us!
She also produced a video and interesting post encouraging us all to get the adventure habit and ways to do just that.

Jules from The Giggles Family had a “Date night at last!” This is her first entry to this monthly video round-up so do give her some comment love! The video isn’t just about date night though – in it she goes shopping, does baby bathtime, food and other frolics so enjoy this one with a cuppa!

Please visit each others posts and comment and subscribe to each other’s YouTube channels – remember, sharing is caring!

The theme next month is open – I don’t mind what you vlog about, just vlog! Get loads of practise in because the more you do, the better you do. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I hope that by the time I write the next Video round-up my new website will be live – I am currently in the ‘getting it sorted behind the scenes’ stage so I’ll have a new JuggleMum blog to showcase and I plan to do a video to celebrate so that will be my entry for next month – relaunch!

Until then, put Friday 12th June in your diary as this is the deadline for getting vlogs to me to be included. You can send them to me via Twitter @Businessmum, or email me.

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About Nadine Hill

Nadine is a marketer, digital creator and ex BritMums Editor who started blogging in the mid 2000’s whilst working from home around her young family.
Her blog JuggleMum won an award for video and covered many lifestyle subjects from fashion to food to entrepreneurship whilst also inspiring content creation for her YouTube channel @MrsNadineHill.
Nadine loves hanging out with her teenage children who keep her (mostly) current – although apparently no-one says ‘hanging out’ any more!
When she’s not with her family she’s at the gym or in a coffee house in Yorkshire somewhere (she’s been to most of them!) – photographing her cappuccino for the grid.
You can find Nadine on Twitter and Instagram as @Businessmum


  1. 20 May 2015 / 09:42

    I really enjoy vlogging and have become slightly addicted to you tube!
    Looking forward to discovering some new channels x

  2. 20 May 2015 / 13:14

    Thanks for inclusion and the lovely comment Nadine! I’m looking forward to making my way through all the other videos

  3. 20 May 2015 / 17:11

    Thanks Nadine. Interesting post. Will check out all the vids. And good luck with your relaunch.

  4. 20 May 2015 / 21:27

    Thanks ladies for all your comments! I’m glad you are watching the other vids- some fab content is being produced by our network!