Twitter chat: Sexism in Schools #BritMumsMeToo

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Has your child been the subject of sexism or gender bias at school? Having a name tag in pink or blue, depending on gender can seem harmless enough (or irksome, depending on your point of view). But when little girls start to wear cycle shorts under their skirts because the boys look up, and then begin to adapt their behaviour to deal with what the boys do, it a totally different ballgame.

It’s not just the girls who face sexism. Too many teachers think boys can’t do as well as girls and boys are expected to ‘fight’ while girls shouldn’t.

We want to hear your positive ideas, conversations, stories and experiences as well as questions you have. What can we do as parents? In the community? The media?


Tweet on Thursday 23 May 2019 between 13:00 – 14:00 BST about your experiences, stories and tips about seximsm in schools, using the hashtag #BritMumsMeToo and following @BritMums.


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