Tweens & Teens: Tips for tackling the new school year

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I don’t know about you but in this household it feels as though this new school year we have hit the ground running! Summer holidays are a distant memory and our Instagram snaps of the beach and icecreams are being swapped out by images of falling leaves, pumpkins and fireplaces.

How to tell if your child is happy at school

As our children start a new year in school, this can be a tense time wondering how they will settle in. Sometimes new friendships have to be forged and an extra burden of academia needs to be shouldered. Kate from Kate on Thin Ice shares this post with three helpful tips on how to make sure that you are on top of knowing whether your child is happy in school. 

Do schools send too much correspondence?

Back to school can be a steep learning curve for our children but it is also just as steep for us sometimes! In this post, Lisa from Little Orange Dog takes a humorous approach to managing the overwhelming amount of school correspondence. Forget about the homework, did the dog maybe eat her e-mail too? 

Ready for a half-term road trip?

Now that we are back into the swing of school life, I’m already dreaming of our next break away – roll on half term! I would love a little road trip somewhere. How are your tweens and teens in the car? Ours are mostly glued to their screens when we travel any great distance but I do like some interaction in the car ocassionally. Here is a list of ideas on my blog for in-car games as well as some free downloads that you can print off for the kids to use to keep them busy on the road.

On the topic of breaks away, Nikki from Midlife Chic has some ideas of beautiful destinations in this post she wrote about her roadtrip with her teens to Oxford, Brighton and Leamington Spa. Sometimes going away for a weekend is all we need to feel as though our batteries have been recharged and valuable family connections have been re-established.

To swear or not to swear that is the question…

At every stage of our children’s development we wonder how to approach different issues. Living with older children and almost young adults under the same roof as ourselves poses a whole set of challenges that we didn’t have when they were toddlers.

In her latest post, Sarah from Mum of Three World asks how much swearing are you willing to put up with in your own home from your growing children? Are we guided by our home of origin, our own behaviour or the norms of society and where do you draw the line?

We know that teens can be particularly self-centred, we may even be able to remember our own less than perfect behaviour in those dim and distant years. In another reflective post, Enda from Enda Stories asks here how the selfish actions of our children could possibly be channelled for good? 

What can we learn from our teens and tweens?

In this thoughful piece Nigel from DIY Nige takes a good look at what he and his children have taught one another.  Do you feel as though you have learned anything from your kids? What have they learned from you?

I feel we never stop learning as parents as we ask questions of ourselves and one another in our quest to raise our children into young adults, ready to take on the world. I know I go through huge stages of doubt when I wonder whether I am getting this job right. In this post I write about the question of what stage is wise to allow our teens to house-sit overnight without us.

Isn’t it wonderful we have opportunities to read about the issues that other parents struggle with and identify with those that are similar to our own? Once again a  huge thank you to all the bloggers who share their thoughts with us.

I hope you are all settling in well to the new term.

Until next time

Liberty (Liberty on the Lighter Side)


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