Travel Round-up: Havoc on a plane and a postcard from Spain

travelA recent online study by Ebookers has revealed that holiday arguments are on the rise, with couples having a tiff even before they leave. That doesn’t surprise me: I’ve built a blog around our holiday experiences and there are plenty of occasions when a good old strop has been the order of the day. My husband and I squabble about packing, especially when he inadvertently removes all my underwear from the case (well, he said it was inadvertently). We argue in the car, regarding which route to take and where to park. We argue when SatNavs speak to us in the wrong language or car hire firms supply us with dodgy vehicles. But can you blame me for having a bit of a shout when my beloved sits on the edge of a glass coffee table in a Spanish villa and it breaks into a million pieces? Or, on our honeymoon, when he loses his wedding ring down the plughole of the bath, never to be seen again?

Kelloggsville has recently posted about her nightmare holiday experiences for the Greatest Journey Meme. If you’d like to learn how to make yourself deeply unpopular on an aeroplane, read her post, Travel Lampoon Styleand click on the link to the talc story.

It’s not going swimmingly with Lexy at Mammy Woo either. Her toddler son, Addy, tells us all about the fun he’s having in Spain with the ingenious post, I writed you a postcard.

In DD’s Diary there is no mention of arguments in Wonderful Copenhagen, possibly because her other half is on a conference so she has tagged along for the ride. Having watched many Scandi thrillers over recent months, she is surprised the city isn’t as gloomy and half-lit as she’d expected: someone must have turned the lights on.

I read about another successful trip from Sarah at St Bloggie de Riviere. Sarah, an expat living in the south of France, is Walking up the Pic St Loup. A hike she has taken many times, with baby in a sling many years ago, she revisits this month and appreciates the fresh air, the views, the lack of commercialisation and a welcome glass of rosé afterwards.

Back in the UK, Gretta at Mums Do Travel takes her family on The Harry Potter Studio Tour which, apart from the expensive gift shop, seems to have been a big hit, particularly the yummy butterbeer. Tim from Bringing up Charlie also highly recommends the tour in his post, Secrets will be revealed, and there is a link there to a radio interview he gave about his visit.

My feature travel blog this month is The Family Adventure Project. The family consists of Stuart, Kirstie and their three children; the project is a long term experiment in being active and adventurous together. The blog has been going since 1999 (no mean feat in itself) and is packed full of inspiring trips. I love their writing style: full of fun, lots of witty dialogue. This recent one, Not your usual Golden Circle Tour, is a cracking read.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs I’ve highlighted for you. If you have any recent travel posts which I haven’t mentioned, please share them with us on the linky below. You can also contact me on Twitter, @mumsgoneto, or via my blog, ‘Mum’s Gone To…’

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Trish Burgess started her blog ‘Mum’s Gone To…’ with a series of posts called ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’ where she was extremely ill on a whale-watching trip and thought she would die snow-mobiling on a glacier. Thankfully she survived and continued with less scary family trips: ‘Mum’s Gone To…Canada, Cyprus, Barcelona, Berlin etc. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne she now lives in South Lincolnshire and travels with her husband and occasionally with her son, who is now at university. Trish can be found on Twitter at @mumsgoneto


  1. 06 June 2012 / 16:16

    Thanks for the mention, Trish. I’ll have fun reading some of these other stories.

    • 07 June 2012 / 19:33

      It was great to read your post, Sarah. It sounded an idyllic spot.

  2. 13 June 2012 / 14:50

    Great collection Trish! I have added a brief rant about the inappropriate designs of swimwear available for mother’s having to entertain their children, in hotter climes, on water slides!

    But I’ll be back later to add another if that’s OK. I have one up my sleeve that you just won’t believe!!

    • 14 June 2012 / 14:19

      Thanks for adding your links. Will go and have a read x