Travel Round-up: Camels, lizards & wet whippets


travel round upIt’s been a few weeks since we returned from our summer holiday in Sweden and I’m still writing about it, bit by bit, on my blog. I don’t blog while I’m actually away. I like to keep a notebook and scribble things down, save leaflets, brochures, highlight things in guide books. It makes for a more harmonious family holiday, not to have me glued to a computer.

Writing a post recently about a perfect moment during our trip (Mum’s gone to Sweden: Lighthouse Family) showed me the benefit of savouring the holiday and writing about it at leisure. Gathering the photographs together and taking the time to think why the day had been so wonderful, was a task I don’t think I could have done at the time. Sitting at home, with the rain pouring down, I was able to recall a sunny day in Sweden and go on holiday all over again.

By the looks of the happy faces on the photos in this post, Making the Most of our Holiday, there were some special memories for Crystal Jigsaw who visited Centre Parcs, Whinfell Forest. It’s good to know that when you have a few niggles which can make the holiday less than perfect, these issues are listened to and some compensation made.

Kate on Thin Ice has a message for us all: We recommend Youth Hostels for family holidays. Kate was pleasantly surprised to find a break in Derbyshire was a very affordable way to have a family holiday with good accommodation, food and excellent customer service.

Across the Channel, Joanne Mallon also had a successful vacation, staying in a mobile home in Brittany. She had misconceptions of what this type of holiday would be like and was happy to report that it was much better than she’d imagined. She also provides readers with some excellent suggestions regarding places to visit: Exploring Brittany.

 If Spain is more your thing, pop over on the ferry and try out the Green Coast. Julie, from The Sardine Tin, and her family had a glorious fortnight there and made me laugh with some astute observations about How to holiday like a Spaniard. We really ought to start the habit of having siestas here, don’t you think?

Gretta, from Mums Do Travel, also had a holiday in Spain and took the opportunity to visit another continent while she was there. Day trip to Morocco with kids shows just how much you can fit in; a guided tour featuring camel rides and a visit to the kasbah.

Spending rather longer in Africa is Jacq from My Mumdom who is touring Namibia with her family. This is what I call an adventure! Hard to choose which post to highlight but the photos in this one appealed to me, particularly the shot of the lizard: Namibia Part 3: Swakopmund

 Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing three travel posts where things haven’t quite gone so well.

Tattie Weasle – Not having a holiday – Tattie was in Wales, in the rain, with wet boys and wet dogs and is spending all her time cleaning. But, oddly enough, she sounds quite happy.

Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes – Extreme camping on a hilltop in Wales Elsie Button and family have to de-camp pretty quickly, in the middle of the night, due to severe weather, causing much fretting when  she normally likes to pack in an orderly fashion.

Northern Mum – Totally horrendous – If you’d like to indulge in a spot of travel schadenfreude, have a read of this post from Jane. Are we nearly there yet?

If you still insist on having holidays, please share them using the linky below. Now I must get cracking on the rest of my holiday blogging, or at this rate I’ll be still at it come Christmas.

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