Travel Round-up: Winter fun and a Wild West road trip

TravelroundupIt’s tempting during the winter months to stay inside, keep warm and hibernate for a while, dreaming of summer holidays with blue skies and sandy beaches. But family trips out during the colder months can be great fun as long as everyone is dressed for the weather.

Chris, from Thinly Spread, took her family for a bracing walk on a Dorset beach on New Year’s Day. What better way to start the year with masses of fresh air, bags of chips and pockets full of fossils: Happy New Year – On Charmouth Beach.

Lisa, The Mummy Whisperer, has also given her children a winter treat with a day at Wendover Woods. It sounds as if there are plenty of activities to suit all energy levels and a decent cafe when the need to warm up takes hold: Adventure comes in surprising places.

A family who really have embraced the spirit of adventure in January are Kirstie and Stuart from The Family Adventure Project who took up a challenge to explore the Lake District without a car; just local buses and walking routes. Join them at the start of their fascinating journey: What? No car? A Lake District Family Walking Tour

Outside the UK, parent bloggers have been checking out a few more cold spots. Abby from Little Red Buttons has just returned from Iceland and has some superb photographs from her trip (Reykjavik) They brought back memories of my own family’s trip to Iceland in 2007 which proved to be one of the best holidays we’ve ever experienced.

Louise from My Gorgeous Boys Blog took her family on a magical trip to Lapland just before Christmas and has now written about the trip with lots of useful advice for anyone contemplating a similar adventure: Visiting the North Pole. This is a trip of a lifetime which Louise will never forget. Liz, from The Mum Blog, has certainly treasured her memories of a similar trip to Lapland. She shares a wonderful photograph of her son on a snowmobile and explains how important it has been to allow her son to experience a little danger: Taste of Adventure.

One more venture out into the cold before we come inside. A favourite blogger of mine, Ms Caroline, is an American mom of two teenage boys, living at the moment in Seoul. Her blog, Asia Vu, is a constant delight as she shares the new experiences of a totally different culture. It’s pretty cold out there at the moment but Ms Caroline has just had a very jam-packed weekend which even included a very wacky Tim Burton exhibition. Start reading about her weekend here: Winter Weekends in Seoul – Part 1 – Ice and Snow.

Would you like to warm up a little now? Pop over to Kids Days Out Reviews to read a comprehensive review of Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester: an ideal attraction for a wet, miserable day with plenty on offer to spark a child’s creativity.

My final choice for this month is Sonja who blogs at The {Happy} Travel Bug. Sonja and her family took an American road trip which involved 3000 miles over five states. This was an informative, enlightening trip which included visits to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and the Black Hills of Dakota. Sonja has summarised the posts here: Wild West Road Trip Recap.

You don’t have to travel far to be included in the monthly travel round-ups. What might be a trip to a local attraction for you might just inspire someone else to consider this as an adventure for them. Do let me know if you write about somewhere interesting in the next few weeks: I’m on Twitter (@mumsgoneto). If I haven’t included a travel post you wrote in January, it would be great to see it added to the linky below so your experience can be shared.

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Trish Burgess started her blog ‘Mum’s Gone To…’ with a series of posts called ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’ where she was extremely ill on a whale-watching trip and thought she would die snow-mobiling on a glacier. Thankfully she survived and continued with less scary family trips: ‘Mum’s Gone To…Canada, Cyprus, Barcelona, Berlin etc. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne she now lives in South Lincolnshire and travels with her husband and occasionally with her son, who is now at university. Trish can be found on Twitter at @mumsgoneto


  1. 04 February 2013 / 09:29

    Trish and the team, thanks for including Kids Days Out Reviews in our first ever travel round-up. A great post with some brilliant travel and adventure posts.

    • 04 February 2013 / 13:17

      Thank you. Pleased to be able to include your post, Joanne.

  2. 04 February 2013 / 10:44

    Really looking forward to reading all these and plotting where to go next!

    • 04 February 2013 / 13:26

      Great to hear. Will keep an eye on your blog for travel posts too. Thanks Nicola.

  3. 04 February 2013 / 12:59


    I write about planning our forthcoming family trip to Walt Disney World, and also reminisce about our previous trip. Is this something you might consider for your round-up?

    Feel free to pop over and have a look at my blog.

    Best wishes

  4. 04 February 2013 / 13:32

    Thanks Sam. Have just popped over to look at your blog and have made a note of it for future round-ups.
    I like the look of your Disney and non-Disney bucket lists!

  5. 05 February 2013 / 07:57

    Trish – thanks so much for including me in your round up! I’m frantically trying to get things sorted out for our trip to Hong Kong this week, so it was extremely unwise of me to start following all these blog links – they are so interesting….and dinner’s not made, and the bags aren’t packed…and I keep clicking on just one more…

    • 05 February 2013 / 14:28

      Great that asking for help on your blog has given you so much information. Looking forward to hearing about Honk Kong, MsC!

  6. 05 February 2013 / 15:25

    Thanks so much, Trish, for including me in the travel round-up! Hope everyone enjoys my Wild West Road Trip. I know we sure did!