Travel Round-up: Loving a cold climate

travelLast month I took you to warmer climes: we sipped cocktails in the Canaries and toured Australia and South Africa in the sunshine. But now, brace yourselves, we need to put on our vests, don scarves and woolly hats and venture out into the cold to try out proper winter destinations.

First up we have Judith from Kids Travel2 who has some useful tips about Skiing with Kids: ideas such as considering going with another family and choosing a resort where the beginners slopes are in the sun (that second tip is genius!)

Staying on the ski slopes, have you ever thought about doing it in South Korea? No, neither have I. But Ms Caroline (Asia Vu) and her family, expats living in Seoul, have kindly tried it out for you and produced this definitive guide: Winter in Seoul: Skiing in Korea. She tells me there is a very international crowd in the resorts so certainly worth a look if you fancy schussing somewhere a little different.

Gretta from Mums Do Travel experienced a shot of adrenalin when she tried Snowmobiling in Italy. Imagining she was in a James Bond movie, she soon realised that it’s quite hard on the arm muscles and would prefer to try it tandem next time.

I also tried snowmobiling many years ago in Iceland and frightened myself silly. We were on a glacier and had been warned to avoid the yellow flags which indicated crevasses and risk to life: Mum’s Gone to Iceland – Day Four – Snowmobiling.

Shall we try another activity on the snow? The Globalmouse family went dog-sledding during a recent trip to Lapland and declared it such a fantastic experience it should go on everyone’s bucket list. Take a look: Going to the Dogs: Husky dog-sledding in Finnish Lapland

It’s always a delight to feature a travel post from Emma, A Bavarian Sojourn, because her excellent photography brings places to life. A recent trip to Austria, and fond memories of Ferdinand the Bull, make this post worth a read: Ferdinand’s House.

Libby, who writes at D-scribes, took an unusual city break to Gdansk, Poland. Although the city was great value with friendly people and good, cheap food, there were some negative points, not least the noisy Scandinavian couple in the next room! Let’s Gdansk 

Someone who got a little colder than expected was Alice, An Essex Wife, who took a trip to a city she adores, New York. There are four posts detailing the all the exciting things she did in the snow with her two young children. Here’s the most recent offering, where Alice’s love of the city is very evident. NYC Trip Part 4 – Boats, Brownstones and Breathtaking Views.

Finally, hot off the press, we have Liz from The Mum Blog who has just returned from an unforgettable three day cruise in search of the Northern Lights. Liz was very lucky as she saw the Aurora Borealis a total of nine times. Read about her amazing, emotional journey here: Norway adventures and chasing the Northern Lights

I don’t have a specific theme so far for next month’s round-up so please contact me via my blog or @mumsgoneto if you write any travel posts in February you feel would be of interest. The linky is open for any recent posts you would like to share with everyone.

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Trish Burgess started her blog ‘Mum’s Gone To…’ with a series of posts called ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’ where she was extremely ill on a whale-watching trip and thought she would die snow-mobiling on a glacier. Thankfully she survived and continued with less scary family trips: ‘Mum’s Gone To…Canada, Cyprus, Barcelona, Berlin etc. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne she now lives in South Lincolnshire and travels with her husband and occasionally with her son, who is now at university. Trish can be found on Twitter at @mumsgoneto


  1. 03 February 2014 / 12:25

    Thanks for including me Trish, and I look forward to reading the other posts.

  2. 03 February 2014 / 17:07

    It’s a pleasure, Gretta. Your post fitted the theme perfectly and brought back scary memories for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 03 February 2014 / 17:49

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you like the tip about the sunny beginners slopes.

    • 06 February 2014 / 08:16

      I’ve never actually been skiing before but if I ever do, that’s the first thing I will consider!

  4. 05 February 2014 / 14:10

    Great choices, and although I prefer hot weather, some of them are very tempting!

    • 06 February 2014 / 08:17

      I’m much the same, Sarah. Not sure I do ‘cold’!

  5. 06 February 2014 / 09:31

    I must be the only weird one here that prefers the cold to the hot! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks so much for including mine Trish! ๐Ÿ˜€