Travel round-up: European capital cities for families

travelSome of our most successful trips abroad have involved city breaks in Europe. Making the most of our son’s love of Horrible Histories at the time, Rome was a big hit with Rory aged 9: Mum’s Gone to Rome: Skeletons and spaghetti. We followed this up a year later with a few days in Venice. Truth be told, anywhere in Italy is guaranteed to be ideal for families as children are so welcome and the food universally adored. 

City breaks elsewhere in Europe have proved equally successful. With a bit of planning you can find just the right accommodation to suit the ages of your children, in the right location, close to public transport, to make the trip as stress-free as possible. Museums and art galleries don’t need to be stuffy and boring if you encourage children to look at them in a different way as we found out here: An Art Attack in Madrid

There seems to have been a rush of bloggers jetting off to European capitals over recent weeks with their children so I have gathered the posts together to give you all some inspiration.

Gretta from Mums Do Travel proved that the Dutch capital has plenty to offer the family traveller as she found plenty to entertain her 10 year old son: the sculpture garden of the Rijksmuseum and the NEMO science centre are just two of the Things to do in Amsterdam with kids

I have to agree with Jennifer from Jennifer’s Little World about this city being a great destination if you have children in tow. My son was a lot older than Jennifer’s children (2 and 4 years old) when we visited so he could appreciate more the city’s history but with the Reichstag and the Labyrinth Kindermuseum just two examples of places to visit with little ones, Visiting Berlin with young children is well worth considering.

One of my favourite cities, Denmark’s capital is very family friendly with its canals, bicycle lanes, easy metro system and general feeling of safety. Cathy from Mummytravels spent a weekend there with her one-year old. Here’s one of several posts about the city to give you a flavour of what to expect: Copenhagen: Canals and cows

If you really want to know what Paris is like for children, ask a child. Seven year old Robert, son of Sarah who writes the blog Family Travel Times, has written a fantastic post about the parks in the city, his favourite being the Jardin d’Acclimatation: Parks in Paris for kids (by Robert)

Janice is a Canadian mum living in the UK and has recently taken her two young boys to Rome. The blog, Across the Pond, explains how to get around the city with two little ones and I was delighted to read that her older boy, who is six, was let loose with the camera, something I have always felt increases a child’s interest in a place enormously. Try this post to see what the family packed into their holiday: Rome: First full day.

Janice has also taken her children to Athens over the last couple of weeks. Not quite such a successful trip. Here’s her take on the city: Athens: General comments

I came across this blog, Two Archaeologists and a Toddler, featuring Ulla and her young son. Ulla is spending a lot of her time working in Stockholm at the moment so her little boy came over for a visit. He had a wonderful time in the city although nothing compared to the excitement of the planes taking him there and back: Gold, water, fire and sea.

Austria’s capital was an easy trip to make for Emma and her family who currently live in Munich. In her blog, A Bavarian Sojourn, she complements her descriptions of Vienna with her signature stunning photography. I particularly enjoyed reading this post about her children having fun dressing up in some rather grand outfits: A Day at the Palace: Vienna’s Schloss Schönbrunn with children

How could I compile a list of Europe’s capital cities and not include our very own London. There’s always something of interest for families, no matter how many times you visit. Susanna, A Modern Mother, saw the city with a fresh pair of eyes when she took her girls. She discovered that many attractions are free and that navigating the Tube is a fun thing to do when you’re a child. The Rubens at the Palace: Doing the London family tourist thing.

If you have blog posts about family travel to European cities, do pop them on the linky below, along with any other recent trips, home or abroad. Contact me, @mumsgoneto, if you write about travel in the next few weeks and would like me to feature it in the next round-up.

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