Travel round-up: Child free breaks

travelNadine from Juggle Mum got in touch a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in her post for my travel round-up. A Day to myself  is an account of a child-free day at a spa told mainly in photos from a sneaked-in mobile phone.

Nadine’s post gave me the idea for this month’s theme. I tested the water to see if anyone else had written about taking a trip without the kids and after several replies of “I wish!” and “Chance would be a fine thing!” I did wonder if perhaps it was a non-starter. However I did a little searching and behold, it appears the child free breaks do, in fact, exist and jolly nice it seems too.

If you would like some inspiration or just want to torture yourself by reading about a holiday without the need for a bag full of wet-wipes, look no further…


Looking After Number One

24 hours in London: The Cavendish, LondonMore Than Toast. Alice enjoys some luxury in the capital on a huge bed, in a bathrobe, eating a room service bowl of Caesar salad.

Seeking solitude: Walking from Whitby to Ravenscar – Talk About York. Melissa makes the most of a child-free week by donning her new hiking boots and heading off into the rain.


Just the Two of Us

Reclaiming balance: A weekend away The Family Patch. Amanda explains how just one night away, in Matlock, Derbyshire, was a fabulous treat for two tired parents.

Take time to be together – Makelight. Emily and her husband have weekends without the children every month but usually to catch up with work. This time they had a wonderful non-working weekend in London.

Honfleur in Photos – Capture by Lucy. A romantic break in this beautiful French town. The photos are breathtaking. Be sure to click through from Lucy’s post to see the heavenly B&B in which they stayed.

Mini holiday in Koeln – Funky Wellies’ Random Thoughts. Coffee and muffins to start, some sightseeing, more food then a rock concert to finish: Katia’s fabulous weekend in Cologne.

Five nights in Paris – The World According to Izzie. As her daughters fly the nest, Izzie and her husband make the most of a fabulous few days in the city of  love.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Moorish Granada: The Albaicin – Mummytravels. Cathy takes her first trip without her baby daughter, enjoying time with her own mother over the Mother’s Day weekend.

This one’s for mums (& dads) Rafayel on the Left Bank – Family Travel Times. A guest post from Beverlie who recommends this 5 star spa hotel in Battersea for a girly night away.

Chickens, Morris dancers and Golden Syrup cookies – The Crazy Kitchen. A girls’ trip to Magaluf: sunbathing, gossip and plenty of food plus some hilarious costumes.

Wonderfully weird weekend – Is There a Plan B? Harriet and some old university friends take over a rather surreal house in Nottinghamshire to catch up on old times.

A weekend in Tarragona – Grenglish. Sarah heads off to Spain to celebrate her sister-in-law’s forthcoming marriage. Check out her ten benefits of holidaying without the husband and kids in tow.


But we all know the yin and yang of parenting means that somewhere along the line you are going to suffer for going away without the children. Mary, who writes at  Asturias Diary, has a scary tale to tell about what happens when a bunch of middle-aged ladies decide to have fun without the family: Of holidays and epics.


I’ve decided this month not to have a linky below this post. I often find some great posts added to the linky that would be perfect for a following round-up but am conscious that I can’t compile a round-up made up of links from the previous month. So, if you have a recent travel post then send me a link via @mumsgoneto or via contact details on my blog. I will do my best to include it next time round.

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Trish Burgess started her blog ‘Mum’s Gone To…’ with a series of posts called ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’ where she was extremely ill on a whale-watching trip and thought she would die snow-mobiling on a glacier. Thankfully she survived and continued with less scary family trips: ‘Mum’s Gone To…Canada, Cyprus, Barcelona, Berlin etc. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne she now lives in South Lincolnshire and travels with her husband and occasionally with her son, who is now at university. Trish can be found on Twitter at @mumsgoneto


  1. 02 June 2014 / 11:17

    Hi Trish
    How funny! I’m so glad that my spa day story provided some inspiration!! Great collection of posts to enjoy here- I have to confess however that even on ‘child free’ days, I still always have a pack of wet wipes on me!! haha

    • 02 June 2014 / 15:08

      I was delighted you got in touch – thanks for the inspiration.

      I suppose you’re right, wet wipes do come in handy 🙂

  2. 02 June 2014 / 13:17

    Thank you so much for including one of mine! I look forward to catching up on the others too 🙂

    • 02 June 2014 / 21:12

      Loved your post – you covered all the benefits of a child free trip. Like Melissa’s post, it popped up just at the right time for the round-up x

  3. 02 June 2014 / 14:03

    Thank you for including me. I am going to go check out all the other posts for inspiration for that miraculous day I next have no kids!

    • 02 June 2014 / 15:09

      You couldn’t have timed your last child free trip better although I should probably say from the round-up point of view rather than the weather!

  4. 03 June 2014 / 21:10

    Thank you! Enjoyed reading the others too!

  5. 13 June 2014 / 05:40

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