Top 5 reasons to go dairy-free on World Plant Milk Day

Millions of people across the world are switching from dairy to plant-based alternatives in what some people are calling one of the biggest global dietary shifts of all time. So to celebrate World Plant Milk Day on August 22nd, we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons people are making the switch!

1) Good skin

People who suffer from bad skin and acne often find that giving up dairy miraculously clears their skin. Why? Nobody seems to know, but thousands of people thank cutting out dairy. There are several different theories for why this is, from milk allergies and sensitivities, to the hormones in milk causing aggravation. Whatever the reason, dermatologists are increasingly recommending that people give up dairy.

2) Flat tummy

It is thought that 65 per cent of people the world over are lactose intolerant. This means that they don’t produce lactase, which we need to digest the sugar lactose in cows’ milk. This can lead to digestive problems, bloating, diarrhea, cramps and even vomiting! Some people report weight loss after giving up dairy and a lot of people discover that their bloating subsides once they switch to plant-based alternatives. Is that slice of cheese worth not fitting in your tight jeans? Perhaps not!

3) Good health

Switching from dairy to plant-based milks and alternatives is a great way to boost your health. Plant milks contain almost no fat, zero cholesterol, and a lot less sugar than cows’ milk. Whereas milk contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, which are big contributors to serious conditions like heart disease. Not only that, but plant milks contain fibre, protein and are often fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, meaning you’re not missing out on what your body needs. The only thing you need to supplement is iodine, which is easy to do!

4) Supporting the sisterhood

It might not seem like an obvious connection, but going dairy-free is seen by some as an important part of feminism. This is because dairy production exploits the reproductive system of cows in order to produce milk, leading some to connect the dots and see dairy as a feminist issue. Cows are forcibly impregnated because in order to produce milk they have to be pregnant. The babies are then removed within days causing distress to mum and calf, and milking, more forced pregnancy and an early death awaits. Not quite the idyllic farmyard scene we have been led to believe!

5) Delicious variety

Gone are the days when you had to rummage around in a smelly health food shop in a far-flung corner of town to get a single carton of soya milk. There are now so many varieties available that suit all diets, tastes and budgets, and they are available everywhere! You can get everything from rice milk and delicious creamy almond to crazy sounding tiger nut or pea milk! Fussy about your coffee? Try Oatly’s Barista. Like a chocolatey treat? Why not give Alpro’s chocolate and coconut drink a whirl? And it’s not just milks either. You can get everything dairy-free these days from ice cream and pizza to squirty cream and meringues.

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