The power of digital literacy for women

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Carol Mann is passionate about the digital world and the benefits it can have for women everywhere. She created a business called Women on the Web to help upscale women to run web based businesses. Here she shares the power of digital literacy for women.

Whether establishing a business within the digital world or a business that is seemingly detached from this environment, digital literacy remains vitally important.

It is often that digital tools and technologies are placed at the bottom of the priority list when establishing a new business. However, in today’s climate, this must always be a top priority.

With over 80% of female entrepreneurs feeling like they require further digital knowledge, there is much work to be done to level out the playing field.

If you are looking to start up a new business, but are worried that you lack the digital skills needed to succeed, trying following these steps.

Plan Thoroughly
The first crucial step when creating any digital platform is the planning stage. Without this, a website or social media platform could ended up muddled and unclear.

Without clarity, the consumer may not be able to locate necessary information or find desired articles to read. Competitors are constantly one click away from your audience, which further heightens the importance of a clear and relevant platform.

When planning your webpage, put yourself in the mind of your client and imagine the journey they will have to take on your site.

Ensuring they can navigate your site quickly and effectively is essential to keeping them on your site long enough to convert them into customers.

Be Content Conscious
Once you have created an instantly recognisable and clear webpage, you need to create top quality content to match this.

It is so easy to suffer from writer’s block when you are trying to create content that you hope others will find amusing; especially when your business is something that does not naturally lend itself this way.

However, by stepping outside the box anyone can create share-worthy content. Consider how you can create an interesting hook from individuals you meet, places you visit or out of the ordinary experiences you have in your working life. These can provide the perfect anecdote for an article or blog post.

Use all the Digital Tools Available
Now that an easy to use digital platform with stellar content has been created, it is important that you exploit every possible avenue to discover how your audience are engaging with your page.

This will maximise your chance of business success and allow you vital insight into the preferences of your consumer. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows you to recommend keywords that relate to your business to search engines, such as google or bing, in order to jump higher up the results list.

Generating More Traffic
This will generate more traffic to your website which is vital for digital industries such as blogs.  Additionally, Keyword Research will allow you to know exactly what you audience are typing into the search bar.

This way, you can tailor your content so it appeals perfectly to your customers.
Although it can seem daunting, mastering the digital world isn’t as hard as you think. You just need to take the leap!

Taking these essential key steps will help you to become more familiar with the digital mindset and the tools available to help you succeed on your journey. The more you learn, the more digitally literate you will become! For more advice, guidance and expert tutorials, head over to

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About the Author

Carol Mann is the founder of Women on the Web (WOW), an organisation dedicated to raising the digital literacy of women in business. With 25+ years experience in sales and marketing, Carol is now making it her mission to share her expertise. Carol also runs the digital agency We Get Digital for Website & Digital Consultancy

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