The Fresh Voice BiB Award Finalists

The Fresh Voice award celebrates the newbies in the blogging world. The blogger’s actual age and duration of blogging doesn’t figure; rather it’s their fresh approach to blogging – with content, pictures, video and voice that makes the rest of us take notice. And who doesn’t want to be noticed in the sea known as the blogosphere!

Without further ado, I bring you, in no particular order (just like Dermot on The X-Factor), the Brilliance in Blogging Fresh Voice Award Finalists … drum roll please …

 Actually Mummy

In her own words: I am a seven-year-old girl with a mind of my own. I am led to believe that my intelligence is inherited from my parents, but having lived with them for some time I think it is fairly safe to say that I am one of a kind, and that they are from a different planet. I like pink stuff, reading books, designing dresses, and eating lemon sorbet. I am an enthusiastic sharer of my opinions, which include how to deal with common ‘parenting’ issues, and the administration of school matters. Oh, and quite a bit about Ipads.

I live with M&D, and the Bug, who is 3 years younger than me. When he is in my good books he is the ‘Cuddlebug’. I like him best because he wraps himself around me like a bear-cub and gives the best hugs. Most of the time he is just the Bug, because he bugs me.

Written from the perspective of “a loquacious schoolgirl”, Actually Mummy burst into the blogosphere last year and hasn’t looked back. Her blog is full of amazing adventures and experiences from a 7-year old’s perspective. I would say that her Mummy & Daddy have done a pretty amazing job of expanding her educational horizons! In addition to being nominated in the Brilliance in Blogging awards, Actually Mummy is also a finalist in the Schooldays category of the MAD Blog Awards. Obviously Actually Mummy has made quite an entrance this past year!

I loved Actually Mummy’s most recent post review of “A Monster in Paris” which is made me really want to see a film about “a bad-ass, scary-looking flea”. The Alex, one of Actually Mummy’s restaurant reviews, is adorable…I loved the picture of the scorecard at the end. Gordon Ramsey better watch out!

Actually Mummy can be found on Twitter (@ActuallyMummy) and Facebook. Congratulations Actually Mummy…can’t wait to see what your 2nd year brings!

Baby Loves Porridge

In her own words: I am thrilled that eight of my good friends are pregnant & due to have little bambini in 2012. So, before my mushy brain forgets everything that the last 8 months have taught me, I have decided to share some of the advice and funny stories that helped me get through those first, mad, wonderful, crazy, incredible few months with my little duck. And of course we are still learning on the job so I hope all you mummies out there will continue to share your advice and entertain us with your witty banter. So, to my scrummy mummies & mummies-to-be, this blog is for you. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, Baby Loves Porridge began in FEBRUARY of this year! Impressive stuff for being in existence for only just over 100 days! In Baby Loves Porridge you’ll find excellent advice, fashion guides, refreshing honesty and gorgeous images. Baby Loves Porridge is a fabulous blog to browse through and enjoy.Congratulations on 3 months of gorgeousness, Baby Loves Porridge! Just keep blogging!

Baby Loves Porridge can also be followed on Twitter (@BabyLovesBlog)


In her own words: Ruth Dawkins (DorkyMum) has recently moved from Edinburgh to Hertfordshire, with her husband (DorkyDad) and three year old DorkySon. She blogs about everything from parenting to politics, and poetry to photography. In the year that DorkyMum has been up and running, she has had guest articles on numerous other blogs including Guardian Edinburgh, Black Dog Tribe, Bright Green Scotland, and Offbeat Mama. Her archive of articles on Huffington Post UK can be found here. She has been published in the Family section of the Guardian and in Easy Living magazine. During August 2011, she edited the Kids Section of Fest magazine, commissioning and writing reviews of children’s shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Before becoming DorkyMum her previous jobs included: environmental campaigner, MSP candidate, newspaper intern, student union president, climate change ambassador, student journalist, waitress, festival venue front-of-house, and petrol pump attendant.

Not too “dorky” after all then! Dorkymum has been making quite a name for herself and is also nominated for a MAD Blog award and as a result has a pretty Happy Face these days. Just a few weeks ago, Dorkymum (aka Ruth) wrote an exceptionally well received post entitled Twitter is like... You know you’re doing something right as a blogger when everyone can nod their head in agreement and shows their support through RT’s, comments and accolades…this is Ruth. Ruth’s words create vivid images when read which should be the goal of all writers. I loved Ruth’s recent post About a Boy…I’m taking her words in as I’ve got a boy to raise now. Congratulations on a pretty impressive year Dorkymum…what comes next?

Dorkymum can be found on Twitter (@dorkymum) and Facebook.


In her own words: Grenglish, or Greeklish, as it is sometimes known, is when the Greek language is written with the latin alphabet, for example when Καλημέρα (good morning) is written as Kalimera. So, it seemed the perfect name for a blog from an English woman, married to a Greek Godzilla (on account of him being Greek, handsome and a curmudgeon) and raising our Grenglish son in South-East London. You’ll find stories here about parenting (aka making it up as we go along), about our Greek and English families, a bit about our friends, a lot about food & wine and sometimes about just trying to find the perfect work/life/blog/wine/bank balance. I am also an active member of my local WI, write a monthly column in SE22 magazine and think about giving up carbs every day… but just buy bigger jeans instead.

Grenglish has been brightening the blogosphere this year with her wit and words and we’ve all enjoyed the journey. Also nominated for a MAD Blog Award in the Best Family Fun Blog category, obviously Grenglish is making an impact! If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting NYC, check out The NYC Diaries series of posts. You also REALLY need to read Wrong Side of the Bed if you have a partner…I totally can relate! Every mum knows what it’s like to be Girl, Uninterrupted as well. Many congratulations, Grenglish, on a rather splendid year of blogging. We look forward to another year with you and your NEW adventures!

Grenglish can be followed on Twitter (@smudgerella) and Facebook.

Life of an Expat Parent

In her own words: While the rest of my family is British (the Big Brown One even loves his tea), I am not from here. Sure, I’ve started to adapt more and more over the years, but becoming a parent has meant that new layers of Britishness that I was unaware of are now coming to light. Being a first-time  mom makes life interesting, but being a first-time mom in another culture can just be downright awkward. I write about love, relationships, being a mom (mum?  I still don’t know what to call myself), culture and trying to figure out exactly what a home is and how I go about finding it.

Life of an Expat Parent began with Operation Poo Watch 2.0 and hasn’t looked back. Along the way there have been First Steps, returning to work, eye cream and 10 Things Americans do that drive Brits Crazy. I laughed a lot at that one…I’m sure you can guess why! Life of an Expat Parent is a lovely blog to explore…stories and experiences that are so unique to the expat life. Well done, “The Foreigner”, for making such an impact on the British scene! Pip pip! (The British equivalent to a high five!)

Life of an Expat Parent can be followed on Twitter (@expatparent) and on Facebook.

Mabel’s Log

In her own words: I feel like I’ve known Mabel for a lifetime. Always with a heavy sprinkling of hilarity, a light heart, a great spread and an equally great dress  – her parties are not to be missed. She’s a dab hand in the kitchen and can cook up a storm from an empty fridge without remotely getting her knickers in a twist. She’s a fan of all things local, a lover of all things vintage and a blinking wizard with a sewing machine; always unashamedly herself, she can pull off just about anything without breaking the bank. But above all that, she’s a total riot and a fantastic friend, and now we all get to forage through her life online!

Mabel’s Log has made such a fantastic start into the world of blogging that she’s nominated for TWO BiB Awards (also in the Snap! category). Well done to you! Mabel has a really funky blog theme, gorgeous images and a life that is pretty entertaining. You’ve just got to check out some of the amazing things she gets up to! You’ll find nappies, savvy shopping, big print skinny jeans, spots and Mexican feasts. You could spend a fair few hours trawling through the ecclectic mix on Mabel’s Log. Felicitations on a fantabidosa beginning, fair Mabel. We’ll be on the edge of our seat with anticipation for the next category…BABY!

Mabel’s Log can be followed on Twitter (@mabelslog) and Facebook.

Mammasaurus Blog

In her own words: I embarked upon my blogging adventures at the end of June 2011 and at the time I knew not where this blog would take me! As time passed and I realised just how much I loved blogging I had ideas for other blogs,  and have accumulated other blogging projects over the months. 

June was the month that Mammasaurus dipped her toes in the blogging waters and created a tsunami! Mammasaurus has definitely been the breath of fresh air that the British blogging scene needed. Not content to dabble in only one blog, Mammasaurus created another blogging community celebrating all blogs with Love All Blogs. But we still love the refreshing posts that continue to fill the Mammasaurus Blog and keep readers coming back for more. There’s been Flabatronic, How to Create the Perfect SEO Blog Post Title, as well as plenty of charitable events. You’ll never get tired of delving into the archives on Mammasaurus Blog.

You can follow Mammasaurus Blog (and her various identities) on Twitter (@mammasaurusblog) and Facebook.

Mummy Barrow

In her own words: Hello, and welcome to my corner of the world wide interweb.   I have started blogging as the 140 characters on Twitter were no longer enough.  And I have so much to say that people increasingly suggested I blog. I am not sure how often I will post or what the subjects will be.   I am going to wing it.  Suffice to say that whilst the tagline for this blog is that I will look after your property as if it was my own house, this blog will not just be about property. As for me, well I am the wrong side of 40 and the wrong side of a size 16.  Mum of three and married to Mr B .  I work in property and have done for over ten years. All my friends call me T (family call me TT), so pull up a chair and join me.

And we are so happy to join you T! Mummy Barrow has been one of the amazing mum-bassadors for the #Mums4Good campaign and has really used her blogging fresh voice to make a difference. We’ve also enjoyed the trips, recipes, opinions and heart that have secured Mummy Barrow a spot in all of our reading rotas. Mummy Barrow has very quickly made a name for herself in the blogosphere and we’re so pleased she has! Congrats to you T…we anticipate great things for you in the year ahead.

You should be following Mummy Barrow on Twitter (@mummybarrow).

And there we have it! The 8 Finalists for the BiB Awards Fresh Voice category. Stay tuned for the results at the BiB Awards Ceremony held on 22 June at The Brewery. Now, pop on over to everyone’s blog and get stuck in…these Fresh Voices will definitely make your day.

Happy Blogging!



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  1. 29 May 2012 / 09:39

    Ooh crikey – what a group! So lovely to see the diversity of interests and styles. Thanks for the nice write-ups Karin! Can’t wait to meet all my fellow finalists in June xxx

  2. 29 May 2012 / 09:45

    Wow, was not expecting this at all! What lovely things to say Karin, thanks so much!

    Like Ruth, I’m really excited to meet all the finalists in June as well.


  3. 29 May 2012 / 12:25

    This is an excellent round-up! What a fantastic bunch of Fresh Voices the blogosphere has (yes, I use that word without shame). Good luck everybody!! I can’t wait to meet you in June!!