Teens & Tweens: Settling into the term

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There’s no doubt that winter is here. Although, your teens are probably still dressing as if it’s summer! I don’t think you start to feel the cold until you hit twenty.

I hope everyone is settled into the new term and parents of university students are getting used to parenting from a distance. I know that in many schools, Year 9 pupils are starting to look at options for subject choices for next year and I hope that is not too stressful. The best advice is to study what you enjoy.

As ever, we have a trusty band of bloggers to keep you entertained and informed this November, here is my pick of top posts for you.

  • I share my post packed with ideas on what you can pop into a university care package as your student son or daughter settles into university life 
  • From DIY Daddy there’s an engrossing reflection on bringing up teens and a summary of the issues you’ll have to face 
  • You can always rely on Liberty on the Lighter Side for engaging posts on raising teens and in this one she asks her kids questions about school 
  • There’s a very moving and thought-provoking post from Endastories with a first-hand account of an experience of bullying 
  • Sometimes it is the little things that draw you up short and suddenly make you realise how grown up your children have become. I loved this post from Cheryl at Time to Craft. She beautifully describes a small incident that makes a big difference to how a parent feels and I really relate to this one! 
  • Of course, there are some big milestones in a teen’s life and the school prom is one of them. In the USA, the Homecoming dance is another and throws up all sorts of ‘dating’ issues that I’m sure we can all remember. This refreshing and very funny post from Experienced Bad Mom is a great read so check it out 
  • Finally, I share a lovely positive post from Morgan’s Milieu on the good bits about parenting teens and tweens. There are loads – I promise.

So, there are my choices for this month. Keep warm and enjoy the count down to the festive season!


You can read plenty more from parents of teens and tweens each month in the #TweensTeensBeyond linky on my blog. If you have a blog post that you think will be useful for Mums and Dads of tweens, teens or young adult children I would love to read it. You can submit it for consideration by emailing me at [email protected]. Take care and I’ll see you next month.

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About Sharon Parry

Sharon is a Mum to three fabulous tween and teen daughters. After leaving a scientific academic career to raise her family she discovered the world of writing which ultimately led to her launching her blog http://www.aftertheplayground.com in early 2016.
As a veteran of the parenting scene, you’d think she’d know what she was doing by now. She doesn’t. Instead, she is gradually adjusting to parenting teens and adult children and will probably become an expert shortly after her youngest leaves home. She shares her experiences of defining this fascinating stage of motherhood (and of herself) on her blog and at @DrSharonParry1.


  1. 04 November 2018 / 08:26

    Thank you for including me. Smiling at your comment about dressing for summer. I found myself recently telling one of mine that she had to cover up her tummy button (she has wearing a short top). Do they never get cold midriffs?

    • Sharon Parry
      05 November 2018 / 08:36

      No never! I think that kicks in around the late twenties!!