Teens & Tweens Round-up: The end of the beginning?

Oh what a sentimental time of year this is! The frantic pace of school life reaches ridiculous heights in July as the end of the school year approaches. Parents of kids in Years 13, 11 and 6 are feeling the strain. If you have kids in a combination of these you have dealt with school proms, trips, leaver’s concerts and transition days. Perhaps all of these at the same time? This is what happened to me  It would be fair to say that I felt the strain! Then, as the schools close and the prospect of A level results and packing for university emerges on the horizon, we can all get a bit weepy!

It has been reassuring to read some amazing blog posts this month from bloggers who are going through the same experience or who have done it all before. Here is a selection from the last few weeks.

Getting to the end of term and surviving!

Buzy Mum shares her thoughts about the countdown to high school and expresses the way that many of us feel. Take a look if you have kids in Year 6, it’ll make you feel better. I love this list from Old House in the Shires on the signs that it is the end of term, I guarantee you will be guilty of many of them!

I share my own post about Year 6 kids and how you can spot one a mile off! Just look out for the attitude and the uniform that’s too small. You may also want to read about Transition days and what every 11 year old needs to know!

Finally, Sarah at Mum of Three World shares a description of her busy week which will sound only too familiar to a lot of us. It makes you tired just reading it!

Facing the future

At this time of year, parents of teens and tweens can get very reflective about how the role that we play in our children’s lives is changing.  This very poignant post from Old House in the Shires sums up what being a parent of older children is. I could relate to every word of this and I’m sure you will too. The one thing that many Year 6 kids want is a mobile phone and this issue is expertly explored by The Mad House of Cats and Babies. This is useful reading for all parents facing this dilemma. 

We also shouldn’t forget that many families are spending their last summer together before older children head off to pastures new. There is an interesting post on Chicken Ruby blog about what is the right age to leave home. The problem of how much we can and should protect our children as they get older is never very far from our minds. Actually Mummy illustrates this perfectly with her post about the Netlix drama 13 reasons why which has been widely watched by teens and discussed by parents and in the media. You will have to make your own minds up.

This very powerful post from Absolutely Prabulous touched me very deeply and describes very vividly the agony of raising a tween/teen. 

Have a great summer and prepare yourselves for what September has to throw at us!

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