Teens & Tweens Round-up: Summer at last

The summer has finally arrived. Tweens and teens are making the most of the sun. For tweens, the SATS and tests are finally behind them but many of our older teens are still in the middle of university exams, A levels and GCSEs. I have a few tips here to help with those mid-revision blues!

The parent bloggers who write about raising tween and teen kids have been prolific this month but I have managed to select a few of my favourite posts to share with you. I loved this touching tribute on Reflections From Me for a daughter as she becomes a teenager. This is a major milestone for all our children and is a time when we reflect on their childhood.  

Next up is a brilliant list from It’s a Drama which will help you recognise the current animal form that your teen son has morphed into. Have a read, it’ll make you chuckle and you may recognise you own son. As a Mum of three girls I can only imagine! 

I loved the top tips for teens from Thirsty Daddy, so much that I am actually thinking of printing them out and sticking them at the foot of my stairs, if I am brave enough.

Blogging about teen kids is not that easy and there are some wise words about social media sharing over at Expat Life With Chicken Ruby which we should all heed.

The importance of body image to young people is never far from the news and from the minds of parents. I especially likes this post from Not Just Another Mum  which makes some very important points. Whilst on the subject of teen emotions, this gorgeous post from  Old House in the Shires gives us lots of reasons why having a pet is good for your family.  If you don’t have a pet yet, this may persuade you. Whilst my post shares my initial thoughts on the high school prom. There will be more thoughts to follow soon! 

Finally, if you want a really good laugh to lighten the exam tension,  you must read this from Everyone’s Buck Stop Here.  I guarantee it will make you laugh out loud. Good luck for the remainder of the exams everyone!

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About Sharon Parry

Sharon is a Mum to three fabulous tween and teen daughters. After leaving a scientific academic career to raise her family she discovered the world of writing which ultimately led to her launching her blog http://www.aftertheplayground.com in early 2016.
As a veteran of the parenting scene, you’d think she’d know what she was doing by now. She doesn’t. Instead, she is gradually adjusting to parenting teens and adult children and will probably become an expert shortly after her youngest leaves home. She shares her experiences of defining this fascinating stage of motherhood (and of herself) on her blog and at @DrSharonParry1.


  1. 12 June 2017 / 15:37

    thanks for including me Sharon. Lots of great reads here.

  2. 23 June 2017 / 15:26

    Thanks for referencing all the good reads. The “Dear Aspen” letter from Reflections From Me got me teary-eyed. What a beautiful and touching letter. This got me really sobbing, “One thing I know for sure is anyone who has you in their life is better off because of it.” The letter is not just a tribute but also a reminder that even though the daughter is entering teendom, she’s assured that her mom will always be there for her. Not to mention the encouragement she wrote’ “Don’t be afraid of change, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, live fully, embrace life and love, and learn all you can.” Just, wow!