Teens & Tweens Round-up: Learn, laugh & think!

So here we are, nicely settled into autumn. Hopefully we have established some sort of routine with our big kids. Those of us who waved goodbye to university students will be getting used to the new dynamics within the household. Those of us with high school kids will have battled through those early teething problems and have hopefully entered calmer waters now that half term has arrived.

As always, a lovely band of bloggers have produced some excellent content to accompany our journey. This month I have selected some that we can learn a lot from (the informative posts); some that will make us laugh out loud (the funny posts) and some that will accompany us as we reflect on our parenting (reflective posts). Here they are.

Informative blog posts

Parenting teens, tweens and young adult children can be very complicated! Not least because their education has ramped up a notch and we are often trailing in their wake. They enter the world of social media; chat groups and cyber space and we do not always understand what is going on. The world is very different to when we were young! These blog posts can give you some valuable help and advice on making family life run a little more smoothly:

Funny blog posts

Raising teens is not all about the heavy stuff! There is an amusing side – honestly! Teens have a wonderful sense of humour and when parents describe their life with teens it can be hysterical. Here are three posts that will hopefully make you chuckle:

  • Mark has written a fabulous book describing his walk with his youngest son on the Pennine Way. It is a hilarious account of the experiences they shared and what they learned about themselves and each other. 
  • I shared a post describing how I got on when I stupidly allowed my teen daughter to have a party in our house. I guarantee you won’t be able to read Teen house parties – every parent’s nightmare or are they? without shuddering a little!
  • Hands up everyone with a tween or teen who has lost a PE kit bag? That’s all of you then! In that case, you must read this hysterical post from Everyone’s Buck Stops Here about the hunt for a missing kit bag. It’s a classic!

Reflective blog posts

As our children become young adults, we can’t help but reflect on what that means for them and us.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading these as much as I did.  If you have a blog post that you think will be useful for Mums and Dads of tweens, teens or young adult children I would love to read it. You can submit it for consideration by emailing me at [email protected].

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About Sharon Parry

Sharon is a Mum to three fabulous tween and teen daughters. After leaving a scientific academic career to raise her family she discovered the world of writing which ultimately led to her launching her blog http://www.aftertheplayground.com in early 2016.
As a veteran of the parenting scene, you’d think she’d know what she was doing by now. She doesn’t. Instead, she is gradually adjusting to parenting teens and adult children and will probably become an expert shortly after her youngest leaves home. She shares her experiences of defining this fascinating stage of motherhood (and of herself) on her blog and at @DrSharonParry1.


  1. 13 November 2017 / 02:53

    My daughter is now in her 20s so I thought handling my teen son would be a breeze. It’s not. Sometimes, you just want to sit in a corner with a tub of ice cream and eat it all. That’s why I really love reading blogs about parenting teens. It makes me relate to similar experiences by co-parents. It makes me feel good to know I’m not alone with my sentiments. I like to be inspired, informed and humored. So, thanks for the list of blogs you recommend. Looking forward to reading all of them. By the way, my son is really sweet… he’s just, you know… a “normal” teenager.

    • 24 November 2017 / 12:45

      Thanks so much for commenting Dawn and it’s great to know that you enjoy reading the round-up. The teen years can be a bit challenging but lots of fun as well.