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Parenting teenagers and anxiety go hand in hand.  It is a challenging time.  As our teens grapple for independence, we are forced as parents to walk that fine line between guiding them and letting go.

It is not an easy journey and sometimes the temptation is there to give up and let them get on with it, but it is a time when actually they are most in need of our guidance and support, as this month’s selection of Teen & Tween blog posts demonstrates.

  • Giving up is something that Kate on Thin Ice came close to but her post on Teen Troubles highlights the importance of compromise in the parent/teenager relationship and of finding a solution that satisfies both sides.
  • Seeking and sharing advice as a parent is natural and this doesn’t stop in the teenage years. Sophie at Old House In The Shires shares her personal experience on the reasons why Teenage Boys Need Their Mums.
  • Of course the experience of parenting a teenager is not a smooth one and Kairen at Confessions of a Single Mum provides a pertinent reminder of one of the biggest challenges of the teenage years – teenage attitude and how best to deal with it.
  • As our teens grow up, it is only natural as a parent to worry about what is next for them on life’s journey and surrogate BritMum Enda’s post Dear Me reflects on a lifetime of change and what lies ahead for our next generation of teenagers.
  • Hormones are the source of blame for many a teenage outburst, but of course parents are not excused from the consequences either and I share a personal post about navigating the collision of puberty and the menopause.  

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did and please do email me at [email protected] with any submissions for future round-ups.  In the meantime please do check out the #TweensTeensBeyond linky on mine and Sharon’s blog for more posts on the highs, lows and funny bits of parenting teenagers.  Until next time.

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About Joanne Gray

Jo is a freelance writer and blogger at Mother of Teenagers. Previously a PR consultant for 20 years, Jo lives with her husband and two teens in London, whilst harboring a desire to return to the coast . Jo’s blog is a glimpse at the reality of parenting during the secondary school years and beyond, as well as comment and opinion on the issues and challenges teenagers face growing up. Jo also enjoys writing about a range of topics related to midlife and her own experiences of this secondary life stage. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @motherofteensuk.


  1. Ron
    12 October 2018 / 05:33

    Great post Joanne. Thank you for sharing it. I am not a parent myself but I do have several friends who have teenage children. A couple of my friends recently expressed the frustrations they were experiencing when trying to parent them. That was when I discovered your post and shared it with them. Since that time I have noticed a positive improvement in how they were parenting their children. They even told me some of the frustrations got alleviated. So I have to thank you again for sharing this post. It helped a lot. 😊

  2. 13 October 2018 / 22:57

    Thanks Ron for your comment and for taking the time to read the post and sharing it with your friends. It is great to hear that it may have made a difference. Jo