Tweens and Teenage Years: Mothering mistakes

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Parenting is not a perfect science and as our children grow and move through the tween and teen years there is an inevitable tendency as a parent to question whether we are actually doing it right and to seek help and guidance.

Of course the flip side of this is that in asking ourselves whether we are doing it right as a parent we also ask whether we are doing it wrong as this month’s selection of posts shows.

  • Suzanne at Inside, Outside & Beyond recognises the different challenges that come with parenting teenagers in her piece “Do you ever feel like you’re doing it wrong?” and acknowledges that as our children grow and develop into their own personalities, it can be a lonely period of parenting when we actually need the advice and reassurances of others in a similar scenario more not less.
  • Continuing the theme of seeking advice on doing it right and not wrong, Tattooed Mummy gives us a glimpse in to the world of sharing your home with an 18 year old as she enters a new chapter with her daughter in her post “So you have an extra adult living in your home” .  In the absence of a teen manual she wonders what house rules she should be establishing, if any and asks for any tips.
  • One of the biggest headaches for all of us parenting through the secondary years is persuading our tweens and teens to do something.  Liberty On The Lighter Side writes with her usual mix of wit and humour about the terror of the abandoned teenage sock and in giving suggestions on how to persuade teenage sons to pick them up, asks if she has failed in her mothering responsibilities when the various strategies continue to fail.
  • It’s easy as our teens become more capable and need us less, to spend less time with them and Natalie at Hello Cuppies gives us all a sharp reminder of the importance of Family Time, the kind that requires effort.  In Natalie’s mind the mistake at this stage is not ensuring you continue to have some real family bonding time, something I am sure we can all relate to.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece for consideration – do please keep sending them in to [email protected] and thanks for reading.  Until next time.  Jo x

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